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November 29, 2019

Keto-XT Review

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Guarantee: 60 days\

Guarantee: 60 days\

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“Keto-XT burns fat and suppresses appetite.”

“From the second you put a Keto-XT capsule in your mouth, you will literally begin feeling its effects.”

“Keto-XT is designed to increase thermogenesis, body temperature, and metabolic rate.”

“It is a revolutionary breakthrough based on research and results!”

These are just some of the promises BPI Sports makes about its diet pill Keto-XT on the official website. Admittedly, these claims sound amazing—if Keto-XT can actually do all of this, it could be the best diet pill on the market.

However, I can’t help but feel skeptical. Can Keto-XT instantly burn fat, curb cravings, and increase metabolism? Or are these promises just the usual exaggerations from a money-grubbing supplement manufacturer?

About BPI Sports

BPI Sports is a sports nutrition company. It has been in business since 2009. Their official website highlights their rapid growth over their first two years. Though BPI Sports began with three people in a tiny office, they have expanded “into a distribution hub of nearly 50,000 square feet equipped with a full gym, photo studio, and research lab.”

With their products featured in over 20,000 stores nationwide, BPI Sports has really made its mark in the sports nutrition industry. They claim “by focusing [their] unique set of resources on product development, brand awareness, and consumer support, [they] have carved out a reputation as the ultra-concentrated extra strength brand.”

These are impressive expectations, but does Keto-XT reach the BPI Sports standard?

The Keto-XT Ingredients

The only way Keto-XT will actually work is if it contains effective ingredients at the right dosages. Let’s take a look at its formula.

Niacin (25 mg)
Niacin is a B vitamin that improves digestion and controls metabolism. It also enhances the fat-burning process by boosting thermogenesis and increasing body temperature.

L-carnitine is an amino acid used to improve circulation, prevent heart disease and lower cholesterol. It also enhances athletic performance and stamina, which promotes weight loss by lengthening and intensifying workouts.

L-carnitine also boosts energy and increases metabolism as it transports fatty acids from your blood to your cells.

Raspberry Ketone
Some experts say raspberry ketone, which gives raspberries their flavor and scent, decreases the body’s fat levels. Studies have shown that raspberry ketone can reduce fat in rats, but the ingredient hasn’t been tested on human subjects yet.

White Kidney Bean
White kidney bean blocks carbohydrate digestion and absorption by passing starches through the body without storing them as fat. Thus white kidney bean lets users eat carbs without worrying about any added weight.

Cocoa Seed
Cocoa seed increases endurance and energy, which promotes weight loss by allowing you to push yourself longer and harder at the gym.

Analysis of the Keto-XT Formula

Some of the Keto-XT ingredients are impressive, like white kidney bean and L-carnitine. I also like that BPI Sports shows the amount of niacin in each Keto-XT dose.

Unfortunately, niacin’s dosage is the only amount BPI Sports has disclosed. All of the other ingredients are part of a proprietary blend called the Keto Fat-Burning Blend. Proprietary blends are risky because the ingredients used in supplements need to be at specific dosages in order to be effective and side effect-free.

Potential Side Effects

Keto-XT’s high niacin count will, according to the official website, “cause temporary flushing, tingling, skin-reddening, and sensations of heat.”

On a health-related message board, a user from Westerville, Ohio, said niacin made him feel “like [he] got sunburned beyond belief.”

Kathy, a contributor on the same message board, said her father used niacin and experienced “severe bouts of itching, burning sensations on his face and neck and now his feet and legs also.”

Because the rest of Keto-XT’s ingredients are at unknown quantities, I don’t know if it is safe or causes harmful side effects.

How to Use Keto-XT

The Keto-XT label says to take 3-6 capsules daily in order to see results. It’s best to start with a small dose, assess your tolerance, and then increase the dose if you don’t experience any side effects.

Additionally, if you take 6 Keto-XT capsules per day, you will be consuming 50 mg of niacin. Experts recommend taking 30 mg or less, and they say that 30 mg will cause itching, burning, and redness. If 30 mg causes side effects, 50 mg will definitely leave you feeling unpleasant.

Purchasing Keto-XT

You can buy Keto-XT either directly from BPI Sports or from trusted third-party vendors. BPI Sports sells it for $64.99 while both and sell it for $44.99.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee for Keto-XT. BPI Sports’ return policy says they “will accept returns of merchandise only when item(s) are unopened and in the original packaging,” meaning there is no way to get your money back—even if it doesn’t work and causes side effects.

You can buy Keto XT for $64.99 by clicking here.

The Bottom Line

I do not think you should try Keto-XT.

There isn’t enough information about its ingredients, it causes side effects, and its directions are unclear. To top it off, there is no money-back guarantee. Keto-XT really is not a good option.

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