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November 28, 2019

Labrada Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Review

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Guarantee: 60 Days

Guarantee: 60 Days

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Labrada Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Extract is made from unroasted coffee beans.

By eschewing the roasting process, makers of green coffee bean extract capitalize on the natural occurrence of chlorogenic acid. This acid is a key to improving weight loss.

Labrada Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Extract contains one ingredient: green coffee bean extract.

This product stays true to its name; there are no other ingredients to dilute or alter the effects of the green coffee bean.

Are the Ingredients Effective?

Green coffee bean extract is shown to improve weight loss more than diet and exercise alone.

In one study, participants were given varying doses of green coffee bean. Those who were given 1050 mg green coffee bean lost more weight than those who were given 750 mg. Both groups lost more weight than the group that used no supplements. Over 12 weeks, the greatest weight lost was 20 pounds. [1]

Studies also show chlorogenic acid could be the key to green coffee bean’s accelerated weight loss effects. Chlorogenic acid lowers glucose absorption in the intestines, which means less sugar is metabolized into fat. [2]

Green coffee bean also contains caffeine, a potent weight loss tool. It gives extra energy, which leads to greater activity. It also has thermogenic properties, so it burns calories on its own. One study showed those who took caffeine supplements burned fat at higher rates than those who took nothing.[3]

What Do Consumers Say About Green Coffee Bean Extract?

The majority of reviews of Labrada Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Extract are positive. Several reviewers mentioned green coffee bean extract was also featured on the Dr. Oz show, which adds to its popularity. While Dr. Oz never directly promotes products, he points out beneficial ingredients that aid weight loss.

Here are examples of what customers have to say:

“I was a little hesitant about getting the jitters from taking a coffee extract since I also have a cup of coffee in the mornings. But read more about this and it is stimulant-free… so I felt totally normal with this and I’m actually trimming down too! I still have a cheat meal once a week, but since taking this, I don’t see the adverse effects like I used to! I love the peace of mind this gives me.” –Tiffani, Labrada Nutrition

“This product works but is very expensive. The Lowest price I could find is here on amazon. It suppresses the fat accumulation. After I began taking the capsules I lost about 9 lbs with the greatest gains in a reduction in girth.” –Geobub,

Should You Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Labrada Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Extract is available at various retailers for between $23 and $29 per bottle. Each bottle contains 90 capsules, which lasts about 45 days when used according to the prescribed daily dose. The best deal I could find was from eSupplements. They offer a 30-day bottle for $13, with a money-back guarantee and free shipping.

This product is competitively priced, especially at the low end. Each day’s dose costs about 45 cents, which is a valuable addition to a diet if it also burns weight independently of diet and exercise. Of course, every diet pill should be taken along with healthy diet and moderate exercise to reap full benefits.

We recommend Labrada Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Extract to those who have difficulty losing weight with diet and exercise alone and who have a limited budget for supplements.


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