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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

LeanSpa Review


A long list of ingredients isn’t always necessary. Some of the ingredients in this product are added for purposes that do not attempt to assist weight loss.
Acai is a natural fruit enriched with antioxidants. Although not a bad addition to the product, acai is not linked to weight loss in any way.

Chromium is an ingredient that battles bad cholesterol and helps curb your appetite. Much like chromium, garcia cambogia is an ingredient with a mechanism that increases serotonin that controls appetite.

The only actual weapons against unwanted weight in LeanSpa are green tea and caffeine. Both of these ingredients stimulate the metabolism, burn fat, and increase energy. Rumors suggest that octopamine HCL helps weight loss, however there are no studies that prove it aids in actual results.

Overall Impression of LeanSpa

LeanSpa attempts to impress consumers with a risk free 30 day trial. Many customers have struggled with this pitch and have ended up paying $79.99 a month due to the fine print. There cannot be an agrument that the claims of LeanSpa are not intriguing, however their validity cannot be confirmed.

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Laura Says:

I used it for the trial period of two weeks. It really worked and wished I could keep it for the “free 30 trial period.” I called to cancel in the requirred time to cancel (two weeks after shippment) and paid nothing but the up front 4.95. I was told I could keep the inital bottle for only $14.95 more but did not have the funds to keep it. It did work for me and I am a big soda drinker so I did cut back on the caffeine. I tried to re-order a few months later and the web site tells you it does not have supplies for new customers only repeat customers. I did for a moment see a website that said it was dangerous but I had to leave and was not able to locate that site agaqin.

September 12, 2011 at 12:49 am

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