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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement Review

Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement

Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement promises to “fast track your weight loss when used as a meal substitute.” What’s more, each serving is only 120 calories and provides “up to 3 hours of hunger control.”

If these claims are true, Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement could be a great diet aid. So, let’s see if the company backs their claims with proven ingredients and solid research.

About the Company

Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement is made by Bainbridge & Knight (B&K) Laboratories. doesn’t have any information about the company; however has a few paragraphs. Two phrases from these paragraphs caught my eye:

“Bainbridge & Knight believes in providing the world with the most cutting-edge health products available.”

I wanted to see how well the company lives up to this claim, so I searched for customer reviews and ratings. Here’s what I found:

The Better Business Bureau gives B&K an F rating for two main reasons:

• BBB cannot find enough information about B&K
• Eight complaints were filed against B&K and they only responded to four

Two unresolved complaints were about a product. Now, B&K cannot be expected to make a product everyone likes. But the company claims to be interested in providing consumers with “cutting-edge” products. So, I would expect them to be more concerned about addressing consumers’ complaints.

“Through thorough clinical studies, our products have proven to be effective.”

This phrase leads us to the next section…

Has Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement Been Proven?

To my knowledge, Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement was not clinically tested or proven to be effective. The official website doesn’t list any studies or clinical proof. And I couldn’t find any studies in research databases.

While it may contain proven ingredients, the precise combinations found in Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement have not been proven.


There are several ingredients in Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement. Not all contribute to weight loss, so I’ve only highlighted the key ingredients:

Maltodextrin – an easily-digestible carbohydrate. It converts quickly into glucose and increases energy.
Protein blend – contains whey protein concentrate and soy protein isolate. Whey protein concentrate is a cheap, commonly used protein and soy protein isolate is highly refined. Both proteins reduce hunger and preserve lean muscle if taken in large dosages.
Lichi berry – loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. More than one study showed lichi prevents cancer cell growth.[1][2]
Chromium yeast – enhances insulin function. Studies show chromium picolinate increases lean muscle mass and reduces hunger,[3] but chromium yeast does not.[4]
Amino acid blend – contains the branched-chain amino acids L-isoleucine, L-leucine, and L-valine. These enhance muscle growth, transport oxygen, control blood sugar, and enhance cognitive function.

Directions for Use

These are the only directions gives:

“Add 1 scoop to 4fl oz or 2 scoops to 8fl oz water and stir well. Take one day off the second and forth week.”

The container with a “30-day supply” has 30 servings, so you should only take 1 serving a day.

From what consumers say (see Consumer Opinions), there must be additional directions on the bottle. And apparently, these directions say you shouldn’t use the product as a meal replacement. I find this to be very strange considering it’s called “Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement.”

Is This Product a Good Meal Replacement?

If the company really is telling consumers not to use this product as a meal replacement, I’m very skeptical about how good it is. My research makes me even more skeptical…

Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement has 21 grams of carbs and 5 grams of protein. Carbs aren’t known to reduce hunger or promote weight loss. In fact, carbs raise blood sugar and trigger an insulin release. This leads to low blood sugar, which causes low energy and stronger cravings.

Protein reduces hunger, strengthens muscles, and promotes weight loss. But most meal replacement shakes have 20 grams and Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement only has 5. This amount won’t do much to reduce hunger. It’s less protein than a large egg contains.

Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement needs more proven weight loss ingredients. And it needs more protein than carbs. Research shows protein is better than carbs for weight loss.[5]

Consumer Opinions

I could only find 5 online reviews for Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement. Here are quotes from these reviews:

• “Thanks to the meal replacement, I save calories by reducing my breakfast intake, it curbs my appetite and satisfies my sweet tooth and I have energy to workout.” – A. Gonzalex (5/5 stars on
• “One of the best tasting meal replacement I’ve tried.” – Laner (5/5 stars on
• “I am on my 6th can and I have lost currently today 48 lbs and I am still losing.” – Eliemet1979 (5/5 stars on
• “This is nasty!! and thick! it did smell good when I opened it but thats it!! wouldn’t buy it again!!” – Wvchick (1/5 stars on
• “The product description calls it a ‘meal replacement’ but the packaging says not to use it as such. Not impressed.” – Tnme (1/5 stars on

Based on these reviews, either people love the product or they hate it. However, 5 opinions don’t really show how good Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement is or what people think.

Buying Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement

These four sites offer the best prices for Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement:

• $24.99 (30-day supply)
• $24.99 (30-day supply)
• $20.19 (30-day supply)
• $12.88 (14-day supply)

I don’t recommend buying from because I’m not sure how secure the site is. Although the site is encrypted and the company promises not to share personal information, they do not guarantee information is kept safe.

Returning Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement

The official website does not have a money back guarantee or return policy.

Quidsi Retail LLC sells Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement through If you buy from this seller, they fully refund all purchases returned within 365 days. They pay for return shipping, too. But there is a catch: the product cannot be used or expired. and issue refunds for used, opened products returned within 30 and 90 days; respectively.

Should You Buy Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement?

Protein reduces hunger, which makes cutting calories easier. But Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement doesn’t have enough protein. Instead, it has a huge carb dosage, which may stimulate hunger; not suppress it.

I’m not confident Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement is a good diet aid. The company’s reputation and the fact that they discourage using this product as a meal replacement just add to my skepticism.

I don’t recommend trying Lichi Super Fruit Meal Replacement. You can easily find better meal replacement or protein shakes for affordable prices.


[1] Wang, X, S Yuan, et al. “Anticancer activity of litchi fruit pericarp extract against human breast cancer in vitro and in vivo.” Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology. 215.2 (2006): 168-78.

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[5] Mojtahedi, MC, MP Thorpe, et al. “The effects of a higher protein intake during energy restriction on changes in body composition and physical function in older women.” Journals of Gerontology. 66.11 (2011): 1218-25.

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