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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

Lipocor Review


“Lipocor is the most complete, all-natural, stimulant-free, comprehensive blend of essential lipids available,” claims Katalyst Nutraceuticals. That’s a bold claim for the company to make! Especially since Lipocor isn’t the only lipid diet pill on the market.

I’m interested to see how Lipocor compares to other diet pills. But it doesn’t have to be the best diet pill to be worth trying. It just needs to be safe, effective, and affordable.

The Lipocor Ingredients

As promised, Lipocor contains all-natural ingredients and no stimulants. It may or may not contain the most complete blend of lipids. But I’m more interested to see if these ingredients promote weight loss.

Safflower Oil – may increase adiponectin, which regulates fat burn. One study showed safflower oil significantly reduces weight and fat. However, this is the only study and it has several limitations. Also, many participants reported side effects.[1]
Fish Oil – believed to reduce triglyceride levels, cholesterol, and body fat. There are a few studies, but their results are mixed. In one study, fish oil had no impact on weight loss.[2]
Flaxseed Oil – a heart-healthy fat. It may curb cravings and burn fat, but there is no research to support this.
Evening Primrose Oil and Borage Oil – contain GLA. Formerly obese people who took 890 mg of GLA in a study regained less weight than the placebo group.[3]

The 5 previous ingredients are considered lipids. The following ingredients are an amino acid and a cactus extract:

L-Carnitine – increases energy and reduces oxidative stress. Many people believe it contributes to weight loss, but studies show it isn’t very effective.[4]
Caralluma Fimbriata – decreases appetite and waist circumference, but does not promote significant weight loss.[5]


The Proprietary Blend

“With our advanced proprietary formulas, Katalyst Nutraceuticals is without a doubt the most sophisticated sports nutrition based supplement line available today,” declares the official website.

Lipocor’s ingredients are combined in one of these “advanced” proprietary blends; providing 2,500 mg per serving. Unfortunately, I don’t share the company’s high opinion of blends.

Proprietary blends benefit the company by protecting the formula. But blends prevent consumers from seeing if proven dosages are used. If they aren’t used, Lipocor may be unsafe or ineffective. Thanks to the blend, you have no way to know if Lipocor is safe and effective until you try it.

I doubt Lipocor contains proven dosages because the required dosages are so high. For example, the proven safflower dosage is 8,000 mg a day. You would have to take 4 Lipocor softgels to get this amount, but it wouldn’t all be safflower oil. There are 6 other ingredient, which also require large dosages.

Does Lipocor Cause Side Effects?

Lipocor’s ingredients are safe when taken in the recommended dosages. Recommended daily lipid dosages are generally more than 1,000 mg. The usual l-carnitine dosage is between 1,000 and 3,000 mg a day. Research shows 1,000 mg of caralluma fimbriata is safe to take once a day for 60 days.

Because one Lipocor serving only contains 2,500 mg, chances are good the diet pill has safe amounts. However, even when these amounts are used, the ingredients may cause side effects such as:

• Nausea
• Upset stomach
• Headaches
• Diarrhea
• Constipation
• Gas

What Do Users Say About Lipocor?

I wanted to know what Lipocor users say, but couldn’t find any online reviews. Even the official website lacks testimonials. There are professional reviews, but these aren’t written by people who’ve tried Lipocor.

Not only is the lack of reviews disappointing, it prevents me from seeing how safe and effective Lipocor is in practice. Research only shows me how Lipocor works on paper.

How to Use Lipocor

Each Lipocor serving is 2 softgels and there are 50 servings per bottle. Katalyst Nutraceuticals doesn’t say how many servings consumer should take to get the proven dosages.

If you take 2-3 servings daily, you’ll get 5,000-7,500 mg of ingredients. These amounts still aren’t large enough to contain all the proven dosages. Plus, the more servings you take, the faster each bottle will get used up.

How Much Does Lipocor Cost?

Lipocor is not sold online and I couldn’t find out how much it costs. Other lipid diet pills such as Ab Cuts cost around $40-$60. However, Ab Cuts has smaller dosages than Lipocor, so Lipocor may cost more. Even if it only costs $40, you’ll need 1-2 bottles each month and that gets pricey fast.

You can find retailers who sell Lipocor in stores by clicking “Find a Dealer” on the official website. Or you can order over the phone by calling Katalyst Nutraceuticals at 1-877-252-8259. Their business hours are Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm PST.

How Does Lipocor Compare to Other Diet Pills?

Since information on Lipocor is limited, my ability to analyze and compare it is also limited. But I did learn a few things. Because Lipocor doesn’t fall in the same class as non-lipid diet pills, the following comparisons are between Lipocor and lipid diet pills:

Lipocor is similar because it…

• Uses a proprietary blend, which most diet pills use as well
• Contains the same lipids found in other diet pills
• May cause side effects

Lipocor is different because it…

• Has l-carnitine and caralluma fimbriata and most diet pills only use lipids
• Is not sold online

Lipocor provides nutrients, but doesn’t have many proven weight loss ingredients. This is true for most lipid diet pills. So, products like Lipocor may not be the choice for people who want fast, serious weight loss


When I compared Lipocor to other lipid diet pills, it didn’t stand out as a top choice. But is it safe, effective, and affordable? I think Lipocor is safe because it has safe ingredients, but it may still cause side effects. I’m not confident Lipocor is either effective or affordable.

It doesn’t have many proven ingredients and may not have proven dosages. And there aren’t any customer reviews to help me determine if Lipocor works. I don’t know how much Lipocor costs, but lipid diet pills aren’t usually cheap. Since the company doesn’t offer a guarantee, you try Lipocor at your own risk.

I don’t recommend trying Lipocor. If you want a lipid diet pill, there are better ones available. If you want a powerful diet pill, look for products with proven fat burners and appetite suppressants; not just lipids.


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[5] Kuriyan, R, T Raj, et al. “Effect of Caralluma fimbriata extract on appetite, food intake and anthropometry in adult Indian men and women.” Appetite. 48.3 (2001): 338-44.

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kayla Says:

Just purchased some lipocor at the local nutishop. I’m so excited in taking one daily supplement that can help aid in so many things. Also was under 30$ for a bottle. Wish me luck!!

March 4, 2017 at 10:20 pm

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