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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

LipoDyne Review


Created by NiGen Biotech, LipoDyne is a liquid fat burner that will supposedly help you boost your metabolism and increase your weight loss results like never before. Although not one of the most popular products on the market, LipoDyne is attracting our attention with its exotic advertisements and references to South African ingredients.

Yet is LipoDyne reliable and trustworthy? Let’s take a closer look inside LipoDyne.

About LipoDyne

Although NiGen Biotech is becoming more and more popular for its HGH solutions, the manufacturers provide very little information about LipoDyne’s formula.

In fact, we have yet to see a single ingredient or supplement label describing what’s in LipoDyne, and though this is not particularly surprising, it definitely makes it difficult to accurately judge the safety or effectiveness of this formula. If you don’t know what’s inside a diet supplement, then it shouldn’t be inside you.

Additionally, there are a few major red flags that you should always pay attention to that should be an immediate deterrent for using LipoDyne for weight loss.

First, serums/drops cannot promote weight loss, because whether you are using 2 or even 5 drops, a serum does not account for the clinically proven amounts of pretty much any useful weight loss ingredient. You could have the best ingredients in the world such as African Mango (that only requires a mere 150 mg with each meal) and you still would not see any weight loss results.

Second, LipoDyne makes up fake clinical studies! Of course, we’ve seen this technique before and we can’t help but shake our heads at the desperation of these diet pill manufacturers. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of valid clinical studies that suggest that certain ingredients promote positive weight loss results in one way or another, and yet LipoDyne doesn’t have one ingredient proven through even one of these studies. The study it does include sounds too good to be true and is not published anywhere that we could find.

Finally, the hype surrounding third world countries and traditional medicine is completely baseless. There are some ingredients that have been used to promote weight loss that fit into this category such as green tea, which has been clinically proven to burn fat with powerful antioxidant benefits. But the real reason why most of the world is thinner and healthier than the United States is because most people eat less, exercise more, and make healthier food choices.

Overall Impression of LipoDyne

LipoDyne advertisements would have you believe that this exotic formula contains the secret behind African weight loss, but in all reality, their product is over-hyped and under-researched. The ingredients may have some far-fetched potential to help you lose weight, but unless they are in their clinically proven concentrations it won’t do you a lot of good in the long run.

Considering that a single bottle of LipoDyne sells for nearly $50 a bottle, we would have to say that this formula is not worth the investment. Sure it looks great on the bottle and it’s made by a popular company, but in the end, the ingredients are all that matter and it simply won’t give you reliable results.

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