Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

Lipofuze PM Review

Lipofuze is an amazing diet pill. So, when I heard a new Lipofuze formula had been released, I just had to find out more. And because there are so many studies available today about the link between healthy amounts of sleep and successful weight loss, I wasn’t surprised Lipofuze has developed a PM weight loss pill.

Lipofuze PM is a stimulant-free weight loss supplement designed to optimize nighttime weight loss and improve overall sleep quality.

According to advertisements, this supplement eliminates night cravings while burning fat.

But can Lipofuze PM live up to the Lipofuze name?

What’s Inside the Bottle?

Lipofuze PM’s formula is simple, yet effective. With just 4 key ingredients, Lipofuze PM not only suppresses appetite but optimize adiponectin levels for improved fat burning.

Chromax. Chromax is high quality patented chromium picolinate. This essential mineral plays a key role in carbohydrate breakdown and glucose regulation.

Studies show chromium supplementation reduces overall food intake, making it easier to slim down without feeling starved. [1]

Green Tea (Decaffeinated). Green tea is primarily known for its caffeine content, which increases energy and decreases appetite. So if it’s decaffeinated, what weight loss benefits does it have to offer?

Experts have found green tea contains a unique mix of catechins, polyphenols, and flavonoids which eliminate free radicals and protect against oxidative stress.

Studies show green tea rich in catechins results in a “reduction in body fat, SBP (systolic blood pressure0, and LDL (bad) cholesterol, suggesting that the ingestion of such an extract contributes to a decrease in obesity and cardiovascular disease risks.” [2]

Irvingia Gabonensis. More commonly known as African mango, irvingia gabonensis is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

This powerful superfruit delays gastric emptying which increases feelings of fullness and improves digestion. Furthermore, the fiber binds to fats and pushes them through the digestive system, inhibiting their absorption and lowering cholesterol.

Researchers have found irvingia gabonensis improves body fat, body weight, waist circumference, blood glucose, and adiponectin levels in as little as 10 weeks. [3]

Melatonin. Melatonin does not have a direct effect on weight loss. Rather, this hormone helps to re-establish healthy sleep behavior for improved sleep quality.

Experts recommend taking .3-5 mg melatonin to treat jet lag, restlessness, and other insomnia symptoms.

Should You Be Worried About Side Effects?

Unlike its original formula, Lipofuze PM does not contain any stimulating ingredients that will keep you up late at night.

Instead, the ingredients are clinically proven to be safe to use on a regular basis without causing negative side effects or addictive behavior.

While this significantly reduces side effect risk, dieters should be aware that African mango supplementation is associated with bloating and gas while melatonin is linked to vivid dreams.

Currently, there are no reports of negative side effects associated with Lipofuze PM.

How to Use Lipofuze PM Correctly

Each Lipofuze PM bottle comes with a 30 day supply. Lipofuze PM should be used on a regular basis in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise to experience the best results.

To experience best results, customer service recommends taking Lipofuze twice daily: 1 capsule before breakfast and a second before lunch.

Is Lipofuze PM Affordable?

Lipofuze PM retails for close to $100 a bottle – which is too much for the average dieter. Fortunately, manufacturers offer great deals and discounts on a regular basis. You can find the best price on

• 1 month supply: $49.95
• 2 month supply: $89.95
• 3 month supply: $129.95 – free shipping
• 4 month supply: $174.95 – free shipping

Return Policies and Customer Service

Lipofuze is “guaranteed to deliver weight loss success!” If you are not satisfied with Lipofuze PM, you may return your order within 90 days to receive a full refund of the purchase price (shipping and handling not included). The guarantee covers one fully used bottle and any additional unopened bottles.

There are no bogus restocking fees or sneaky autoship programs. The customer service agents are especially friendly and willing to answer any questions you may have about the product or its easy-to-follow guarantee instructions.

You can contact customer service via the following:

Phone: 877-644-9564
Email: support@lipofuze.

Live chat is also available at

Are the Manufacturers Reliable?

Lipofuze PM is registered with Excitement Dietetics, LLC. This company is widely known for its popular fat burners, appetite suppressants, and other nutritional supplements, including Appexit, Curvatrim, Growtropin HGH, and Lipovitaslim.

Impressively enough, Excitement Dietetics LLC has not received a single complaint in the last 3 years. Not one! With so many different diet supplements registered to its name, it’d be easy to assume at least one consumer would file a complaint – but no!

I love what Excitement Dietetics, LLC has to offer, and I’m definitely impressed with its latest weight loss/sleep-aid, Lipofuze PM.

Should You Try Lipofuze PM?

Lipofuze PM has a lot going for it. The ingredients are clinically proven and all natural. The side effects are minimal. The price is affordable, the money-back guarantee is fantastic, and the manufacturers are reliable.

The pros definitely outweigh any cons with this diet pill, so I have no problem recommending Lipofuze to anyone looking to lose weight safely and naturally.


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