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December 4, 2019

Liporexall Review

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Guarantee: 90 Days

Guarantee: 90 Days

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Have you heard you can now, “Reveal your natural beauty and confidence.” That’s what the official Website states anyway.

And Liporexall is attracting a lot of attention with its simple advertising and all-natural ingredients.

Supposedly this unique diet pill was developed with a clear goal in mind: to help dieters lose weight quickly and easily through clinically proven concentrations.

I wanted to take a closer look at Liporexall’s formula and side effects to see if this product could deliver reliable results on a regular basis.

Liporexall Ingredients

One of the first things I liked about Liporexall was that its marketing team wasn’t afraid to display its ingredients to potential customers. This shows me that the manufacturers of this product didn’t settle with only quasi-effective ingredients or fillers like so many other weight loss products.

ChromeMate. Chromate offers high grade chromium picolinate. Chromium is essential for carbohydrate and fat breakdown. Studies show chromium may suppress appetite and optimize glucose levels.[1]

Super Citrimax. Super Citrimax is a unique chromium and garcinia combogia combination. This ingredient not only suppresses appetite, but it inhibits lipolysis and promotes fat burning. Researchers found Super Citrimax may improve weight loss, fat burning, cholesterol levels, and body mass index in as little as 8 weeks. [2]

PinnoThin. Pinnothin is a high quality Korean pine nut oil. It reduces appetite by increasing endogenous cholecystokinin release within 30 minutes of ingestion. Researchers conclude, “PinnoThin may exert satiating effects consistent with its known action on CCK and GLP-1 release, and previously observed effects on self-reported appetite ratings.” [3]

Advantra Z. Advantra Z’s key component is synephrie, a unique extract said to offer the same fat-fighting benefits as Ephedra but without the risks. It acts on the central nervous system to increase energy levels and decrease appetite. [4]

Neoptunia. This lipophilic fiber improves digestion and delays gastric emptying. It keeps you fuller for longer and inhibits the absorption of dietary fats. In a recent study, resarchers found Neopuntia improved blood lipid parameters such as LDL and HDL cholesterol, which in turn reduces risks of cardiovascular disease. [5]

Phase 2. This white kidney bean extract inhibits dietary carbohydrate absorption by as much as 20%. Researchers believe Phase 2 “shows potential promise as an adjunct therapy in the treatment of obesity and hypertriglyceridemia.” [6]

7-Keto DHEA. 7-Keto is a DHEA metabolite. It boosts immunity, decrease stress, and enhances metabolic rates, but unlike its parent hormone, it does not convert into steroid hormones such as androgen and estrogen. Experts believe 7-Keto may enhance weight loss results when combined with a diet and exercise program. [7]

ForsLean. This patented coleus forskohlii extract increaess energy levels by enhancing cyclic AMP production. Unlike other energy boosters, it does not act extensively on the central nervous system so the side effect risk is much lower. Studies show coleus forskohlii inhibits weight gain and promotes fullness, though it has little effect on weight loss directly. [8]

Infinergy. Infinergy offers the perfect balance of caffeine and malic acid. Caffeine interacts with the central nervous system while malic acid makes the caffeine easier to digest and reduces stomach upset. Studies show caffeine supplementation increases thermogenesis and fat oxidation, making it easier to lose weight. [9]

Tonalin.Tonalin offers a high-quality conjugated linoleic acid. IT reduces body fat without decreaes lean body mass. Studies show moderate doses of conjugated linoleic acid reduces fat gain and maintains insulin sensitivity. [10]

Bioperine. This black pepper extract does not have a direct impact on weight loss, but it can accelerate your results by enhancing effectiveness of other ingredients. It works synergistically with the Liporexall formula to increase bioavailability and absorption.

All of these ingredients are patented and therefore more effective than the original. They do a myriad of things from suppressing appetite to burning and blocking fat.

Potential Side Effects

Liporexall doesn’t depend heavily on stimulants or unproven ingredients, but there is a small risk of experiencing negative side effects. Liporexall contains both dicaffeine malate and synephrine, both of which interact with the central nervous system, and both of which may cause negative side effects.

Potential side effects include dizziness, nausea, headaches, and insomnia. However, most dieters report these side effects (if any occur) are mild and fade within the first few days of use.

Recommended Dosage of Liporexall

The Liporexall manufacturers say that the best way to use this diet pill is to take one capsule half an hour before eating breakfast, and another one half an hour before eating lunch.

Although you could probably increase your dosage by taking two capsules with breakfast, you wouldn’t want to take Liporexall any later in the day than lunch as it may keep your energy levels too high to fall asleep.

Feedback from Liporexall Users

After reading into Liporexall’s formula, I wasn’t surprised that Liporexall has almost completely positive feedback from its customers.

Most users are completely forward in saying that Liporexall has completely changed their approach to dieting and has helped them lose weight when traditional dieting methods have failed them. In addition, very few Liporexall users complained of side effects from Liporexall, although there were some who mentioned mild stomach pains and an occasional headache.

Liporexall Purchasing Information

If you are interested in trying Liporexall, the lowest price I found was $44.95 from Amazon’s Best in Market store. However, this price doesn’t come with a money back guarantee that allows you to return Liporexall if you end up not liking it.

The most secure option would be buy it for just $5 more at for $49.95. At $49.95 you aren’t spending that much more, and you also get the options for buying Liporexall in bulk and seeing increased savings from there.

Final Thoughts

Liporexall seems like a great way to lose weight. The ingredients are safe, natural, and effective. I am especially impressed with the low risk of experiencing negative side effects. Add all these benefits to its great guarantee and you have yourself a winner!

While Liporexall might not be the “magic bullet” to all your weight loss problems, it can be a great addition to any diet or workout program.

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If you have tried Liporexall before, please let me and my readers know how it worked for you by leaving a comment below!


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