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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

Lowat Review


Lowat may be patent pending. But in part because Lowat has not yet been patented, Lowat has not yet released it. So far, it has one human clinical trial to brag about. But one trial always runs the risk of being a fluke. I can’t say how much Lowat will cost or for that matter how much it won’t cost. InterHealth is not even hinting at that yet. But the study is still worth considering.

The Human Clinical Trial

Lowat was studied using 50 human subjects with 900mg a day cut into 3 300mg doses about 30 minutes before meals. All study subjects were instructed to follow a 2000 calorie diet. In that time, the placebo group lost about 3.9 pounds. But those taking this particular patent pending blend of Piper betle and Dolichos biflorus can help you to lose 9.4 pounds.

Other Benefits of Lowat

The clinical trial showed that Lowat made a significant difference, reducing BMI, and it also seems to lower cholesterol levels and blood serum levels. Lowat has a number of different benefits so far as we know. But I am still waiting on more clinical trials to confirm this.

Overall Impression of Lowat

Lowat is an up and coming ingredient, and there are still certain things that are waiting to be seen. The company behind Lowat is a reputable one. I’m sure that Lowat will probably come through, and it will also be abused by companies just trying to save money while giving you the best possible first impression. But if used right, which isn’t actually that hard, it can be pretty impressive.

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