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Kimberly Tenner
December 4, 2019

MAN Vaporize Review

MAN Vaporize

MAN Vaporize combined ingredients such as sesame seed oil, omega 3 fish oil, EPA, and DHA to supposedly achieve great and monumental weight loss results. The only “good fat” that does support weight loss and lean muscle growth is CLA in doses of 4500mg, which as you can see, they don’t have. Omega 3 may contribute to better heart health, but not weight loss. Sesamin really has nothing to do with anything, though apparently a number of companies are hoping and telling their special fairies that it should magically happen.

Overall Impression of MAN Vaporize:

MAN Vaporize is easily one of the less impressive diet pills on the market. It has absolutely no proven ingredients, even in the right amounts. And if you consider the general rule of CLA, the amounts are far too low for any results, even with proven ingredients.

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