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Kimberly Tenner
November 30, 2019

MaXreduce Extreme Fat Burner Review

MaXreduce Extreme Fat Burner

MaXreduce Extreme Fat Burner is making waves with its patent-pending appetite-suppressing formula.

According to advertisements, maXreduce “blows away excess fat via a two-pronged approach.” First, this formula supposedly suppresses appetite, so you can nail your diet. Second, it “cranks up your metabolism” for dramatic weight loss results.

Hundreds of customers rated maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner a full 5 out of 5 stars, and over a hundred more gave it a 4 out of 5 star rating. With such high praise, it would be easy to think this all-natural diet pill is the miracle solution we’ve all been waiting for.

But is it really?

Or is there a secret hiding behind the label?

I decided to investigate further to determine if there’s more to maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner than meets the eye. . .

You can buy MaXreduce Extreme Fat Burner for $34 here.

Ingredient Profile

For a formula based on “120 scientific studies,” maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner doesn’t provide consumers with a lot of information. According to, this diet pill contains the following ingredients:

Theobromine. Theobromine offers the same stimulating effects of caffeine but with fewer negative side effects. Furthermore, it widens blood vessels to reduce blood pressure and improve circulation.

Guarana. Guarana increases caloric expenditure due to its caffeine and theobromine content. It treats dyspepsia, arteriosclerosis, neuralgia, and rheumatism.

Magnolia Bark. Mangolia bark is often found in sleep-aids due to its calming abilities. However, some believe magnolia inhibits fat storage by suppressing cortisol production.

Banaba Leaf. Banaba leaf may lower blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetics and improve insulin efficiency. However, more research is needed to validate these effects.

Guggulsterone. The thyroid gland regulates metabolism, and guggulsterones support healthy thyroid activity.

Chromium. A trace mineral, chromium regulates blood sugar levels and reduces cravings for carbs.

While I appreciate the manufacturers explaining why the ingredients were including, I’d much rather see a supplement fact label with exact concentrations.

Additionally, the 120 studies manufacturers boast about on the website are studies on individual ingredients and their effects. These studies do not involve maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner directly, nor its exact ingredient combination.

Interestingly enough, many of the “studies” cites are books that describe herbs in general and don’t include placebo-controlled clinical trials. The few studies that do include placebo groups focus on an ingredient not listed on the product information page: ginseng.

Ginseng. Ginseng is classified as an adaptogen. It increases the body’s ability to cope with stress. When used correctly, ginseng can alleviate depression, chronic fatigue, and anxiety. According to experts at WebMD, ginseng can treat type 2 diabetes and erectile dysfunction when taken in safe dosages.

Since I don’t have an ingredient label to confirm our information, I can’t tell whether ginseng is even in the formula, let alone whether safe dosages are used.

Safety and Side Effects

Vague ingredient descriptions always send up a red flag for me.

Without knowing how much of each ingredient is used, it’s impossible to tell whether these ingredients will be effective and safe.

For example, too much guarana could cause side effects such as dizziness, nausea, upset stomach, jitters, trembling, and rapid/irregular heartbeat. In fact, guarana can be deadly when taken in high dosages or for extended periods of time.

On the other hand, too little guarana won’t result in any weight loss at all.

From the consumer reviews I’ve read, I can assume maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner side effects vary depending on individual caffeine tolerance.

Cardinals Fan at wrote, “bought these based on the other reviews and figured is was worth a shot. The same day I started taking these I got a severe headache that would not go away. The next day the same thing, I woke up fine, but soon after taking my morning dose I got another severe headache. I figured it was just me, so I took them for a couple more days and it was the same thing everyday. I thought maybe I am just coming down with something, so I waited a couple of weeks (never got sick anymore) then tried these pills again and shortly after my morning pill bam another massive headache. And to top it all off I didn’t lose a single pound even though I was working out for an hour a day and not to mention I have a job that is quite physical.”

How to Use maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner

MaXreduce Extreme Fat Burner is easy to use, which is why many dieters choose it over other diet pills.

Simply take 1 capsule in the morning on an empty stomach. That’s it. No scheduling. No strict diet to follow.

If you feel maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner isn’t providing you with the results you want, you can bump up the dosage to 2 capsules daily. (Do not take more than 2 capsules in 24 hours).

Due to the stimulating and long-lasting effects of the ingredients, manufacturers suggest dieters avoid taking maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner after 10 am.

Is It Affordable?

maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner is available at for $35 a bottle with free shipping. However, you can receive additional discounts and promotions if you order through

The site offers two packages. The first is a simple 30-day supply for $34 plus shipping. It lets you determine whether maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner is right for you without signing you up for any additional autoship programs.

The second package includes 3 bottles of maXreduce (the first bottle is free). It also includes an autographed copy of their best-selling book To Diet is to Fail by Kevin Wichtendahl. The total package costs $68. Once again, there are no autoship programs or hidden charges.

What if It Doesn’t Work?

Although I haven’t been impressed with the ingredients and the risk of side effects, I have to admit that maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner does come with a nice guarantee.

While many other manufacturers charge bogus restocking fees or don’t bother to back their product at all, offers a 110% money-back guarantee for 30 days.

Steven M Nikkola at writes, “maXreduce offers a very strong 110% guarantee that their product will work. It is very refreshing to find a company that stands behind their product like maXreduce does.”

If you’re not satisfied, you can return your product within 30 days of your purchase date (not the day you received the product) for a full refund, plus an additional 10% of the purchase price. This 10% does not cover shipping and handling costs.

To contact customer support about the guarantee or any additional concerns, you can email or call 866-565-7607.

More About the Manufacturers

Many dieters and reviewers often mistake maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner as an Anabolic Xtreme product. However, maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner does not have the AEx logo on the bottle, and it is not listed as one of their products (though the X in maXreduce does resemble the Anabolic Xtreme font).

Consequently, I assume maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner is the lead product of a different but unknown company. does not provide any additional information about who makes this product, with the exception of a dubious story told on the homepage.

According to the site, an unnamed man went to Universal Studios with his wife and two children. After being told he was “too big to fit in the seat,” the man set off to find the perfect solution for weight loss.

Supposedly, after “two years of exhaustive research” the man lost 120 pounds via natural supplements. Furthermore, the formula was developed solely by him, “not by some large uncaring and unknown corporation.”

I’ve seen similar stories on diet pill pages before, but I found it interesting that snubs unknown corporations without revealing their own corporation. If maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner is not made by a large-scale supplier, how is this formula being mass produced and sold on sites such as

Additionally, what experience does this unnamed man have in developing diet pills? Did he clinically test his formula after he developed it? What kind of research was conducted to validate its effects?

Furthermore, why is the maker’s name conveniently undisclosed on the website? If his product is as amazing as he says it is, shouldn’t he get the praise and congratulations he deserves for developing the diet pill in two years?

With a little extra digging, I found Kevin Witchendahl, the author To Diet is to Fail, lost 120 pounds without dieting or extensive exercising. Is he the same unnamed man of the homepage?

From what consumers have written about his book, it seems that To Diet is to Fail makes no mention of maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner. Rather, the book gives trumped up advice commonly found in other dieting programs.

John Flynn at states, “1)This author has decided that since he (just one person on the planet) lost weight his way, that is the one and only way to do it, even though he has no credentials in nutrition or psychology and doesn’t document how he has helped even one other person lose weight using his advice, much less any kind of scientific sample of people. He implies all diet programs and advice are wrong unless they agree with him. This ignores that many, many people who have lost weight and kept it off using diet programs, and it also ignores the thousands of degreed researchers who are doing serious work in this area.

“2) The advice he gives is nothing new. Everything he advises can be found in some other diet program.

“3) A lot of his advice is contrary to established research in this area. An example is the advice to weigh yourself every day. This is proven to be a bad idea, because weight fluctuates daily no matter what you do, even if you are losing weight. But the worst advice is his assertion that exercise is not important to weight loss. This flies in the face of so much research that it is truly irresponsible to say it.

“4) Ironically, given the title, the author’s advice taken in total is a “diet.” A dictionary definition of “diet” is “a food regimen designed to promote weight loss.”

Though the author may have lost weight following his own program, what does maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner have to do with his weight loss experience – if at all?

I find the whole situation a little suspicious – especially when I consider the vague ingredient descriptions.

So all of this leads me to wonder . . . if the manufacturers are virtually unknown, the ingredients are in unknown amounts, and it causes negative side effects, why are consumers rating maXreduce so highly at

Some dieters suspect that these positive 5 star reviews are not as legitimate as they seem.

S.M.K. at explains: “ALL the “5 star” reviews below are liekly [sic] COMPELTELY FAKE, and here’s your PROOF:

“Where it says “See all my reviews” next to each persons name, go ahead and click on that for all the people below that gave 5-star reviews and check out the other products they have previously reviewed.

“They all review similar products!!!! COINCIDENCE??? NOPE!! These are people that are likely hired by companies to give fake 5-star reviews in order to get the product to sell!! SHAME ON those companies and shame on the people that LIE and participate in this dis-honest and manipulative act!!”

Of course, with 237 five star reviews and an additional 111 four star reviews to validate maXreduce Extreme Fat burner’s success, I assume that not all of these reviews are falsely generated.

Should You Buy It?

MaXreduce Extreme Fat Burner has me confused. On one hand, it’s a popular product with plenty of consumer reviews and a great 110% guarantee. On the other hand, the ingredients and the manufacturers are virtually unknown and the positive reviews may be fake.

While maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner may be able to give you a quick boost in energy and promote weight loss, I don’t think it’s the best option. There are plenty of other diet pills available with clinically proven ingredients in precise concentrations backed with well-known manufacturers. You’d be better off doing a little research on one of these products.

But I’m still open to opinions. What do you think about MaXreduce Extreme Fat Burner? Did it work for you?

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