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Kimberly Tenner
November 30, 2019

Mega T Green Tea Water Weight Loss Pill Review


If you’re trying to lose weight fast, people say one of the quickest ways is to eliminate excess water. This is the purpose for which Mega-T Green Tea Water Weight Loss Pill was designed. It is basically a diuretic that should reduce the puffiness and bloating that is caused by water retention.

Although there are some short-term benefits to eliminating excess water, a product like Water Weight Loss Pill is not going to get rid of body fat. To do this, you need a top-rated diet pill like Apidextra, which has proven fat-burning ingredients.

The Formula of Water Weight Loss Pill

There doesn’t seem to be an official website for Water Weight Loss Pill, but after some searching I was able to find other website that listed the ingredients that are in this product.

According to one site Water Weight Loss Pill has the following ingredients: buchu leaf, corn silk, couch grass, hydrangea root, juniper berry fruit, uva ursi leaf, horsetail extract, and dandelion root.

Although it’s obvious that all these ingredients are natural, their weight loss benefits are not apparent. In fact, they most likely don’t have any. Their sole purpose is to eliminate excess water from the body, which won’t lead to any permanent weight loss.

The Advantages of Water Weight Loss Pill

• Water Weight Loss Pill is very cheap. You can purchase one container for as low as $5.03 online.
• All the ingredients used are natural and they should be safe.

The Disadvantages of Water Weight Loss Pill

• Water Weight Loss Pill does not have ingredients that burn fat.
• None of the ingredient amounts are disclosed online. Without being able to see what doses are used, it’s impossible for me to see if they will be effective.
• Oddly enough, Green tea was not listed as an ingredient on the list that I found online, and yet it is listed in the name of the diet pill. If Green tea really has been used in Water Weight Loss Pill, it would be the only ingredient that is supported by research.

What Do Customers Think?

I’m really curious to see what customers think about Water Weight Loss Pill since it seems to only have one clinically proven ingredient and it may not have the recommended doses of each ingredient. Unfortunately, customer reviews for Water Weight Loss Pill are as limited as information about the ingredients is. I wasn’t able to find more than a handful of reviews, which really isn’t that helpful.

Educated Opinion

To help you lose weight permanently, Water Weight Loss Pill needs to have fat-burning ingredients, which it doesn’t. It could be a great, cheap diuretic, so if that’s all you’re looking for then Water Weight Loss Pill may be a great option. However, if you really want to lose weight for good, I recommend that you try Apidextra.

Apidextra has 4 clinically proven ingredients that burn fat and suppress appetite. One of these ingredients is DiCaffeine Malate, which besides burning fat acts as a natural diuretic. Apidextra costs more than Water Weight Loss Pill, but in the long-run I think you’d get your money’s worth because Apidextra can produce long-term results. It also comes guaranteed so you can try it risk free.

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