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Kimberly Tenner
December 4, 2019

MenScience Thermogenic Formula Review

MenScience Thermogenic Formula

I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Obviously, I’ve seen products that work, and I’ve seen plenty of products that use similar ingredients, ESPECIALLY GREEN TEA. I mean who doesn’t use green tea anymore? Everybody loves it, and it’s super cheap. But as cheap as green tea is, I always run into one big problem.

Companies who use green tea generally use caffeine free green tea or 50-200mg, 200mg is really if and only if you’re lucky. But MenScience Thermogenic Formula is one of the few products that actually has 400mg, which is the clinically proven amount. With this in mind, you would think I would rank MenScience Thermogenic Formula among the top products of all time. But there’s a reason why it is what I call “middle ground.”

Green Tea is Its Only Charm

Yes, MenScience Thermogenic Formula has green tea, and for once, it has the clinically proven amounts of green tea. The only problem is that the other ingredients in MenScience Thermogenic Formula aren’t so great. Actually, I take that back. MenScience Thermogenic Formula has some pretty important ingredients. Amino acids for example are background ingredients. But these background ingredients can help you to protect and maintain lean muscle mass, which is essential if you really want to lose weight.

The problem is that when you move down the list, you will find out that MenScience Thermogenic Formula just doesn’t use much. Most companies using l-arginine or l-taurine use anywhere from 1000mg on up, because amino acids work best when used in high doses. MenScience Thermogenic Formula uses 25mg of each. That’s a huge discrepancy! And what’s worse, MenScience Thermogenic Formula only uses 5mg of creatine monohydrate. 5mg of anything is really a waste of space.

MenScience Thermogenic Formula Conclusion

If you read my review on Lipofuze, the #1 product on my list, you’ll see that Lipofuze has 10 clinically proven and in some cases, patented fat burning ingredients, and it has the clinically proven amounts of all 10. MenScience Thermogenic Formula has 1. There’s really no competition. But if you compare it to something like Dren, which is an average diet pill, there’s no competition there either. If you put it side by side with Dren, MenScience Thermogenic Formula looks pretty amazing.

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