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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

Meta-Ignite Review


You work out hard but frankly, your physique embarrasses you. The muscles are under there somewhere, but they seem to be hiding under all the fat that’s been in long-term storage. Sure, you’re more bulked up than you used to be, but what happened to being “cut” and “chiseled” and “an Adonis?”

It seems that the popular saying, “It’s easy to get in shape, but hard to get into really good shape” is true.

Shouldn’t all your sacrifices have you in the latter category, instead of wallowing miserably in the former?

No worries mate, you just need to supplement. And Meta-Ignite may be just the ticket you need to chiseled abs, bulging biceps and impressive pecs.

What Meta-Ignite Does

Meta-Ignite is manufactured by GNC, a trusted name in supplements, and promises to “amplify” your fat burning potential. Not only that, but it means to “triple your pre-exercise calorie burning”, “provide calorie burning through all three phases”—before, during and after your workout, and “fuel metabolism so you can blaze through performance barriers.”

(So at the point where you usually wimp out, you’ll become Hercules.)

Can Meta-Ignite really perform? Or is this GNC marketing at its finest?

Keep reading…

How Does Meta-Ignite Work?

Meta-Ignite contains a lot of ingredients if you look at the label, but only provides information on a few of them.

Here’s what they have to offer:

Tri-Pepper Blend– Capsimax, Black Pepper and Caffeine. These three ingredients are known to increase metabolic rate and ignite thermogenesis, so your heart is pumping and you’re burning fat more effectively.
Physio Metabolic Pump Blend– uses “ResVida” Resveratrol which is clinically proven to dilate blood vessels to improve blood flow to the muscles. This works two-fold; it powers the muscles for a more intense work out, and gives you that “pumped up” look and feel. This blend also offers White Willow Bark and Cinnamon Bark to fuel fat burning.
Fatty Acid and Energy Metabolizer Blend– with L-Carnitine to help preserve and increase lean muscle mass, and ingredients to help with mental focus and concentration so you can perform better.

Unfortunately these ingredients are tossed into a proprietary blend, which is not a reliable delivery system. How can you determine individual ingredient dosage or whether you’re receiving effective quantity if the ingredients are in a blend?

Answer—you can’t.

And blends often hide excessive amounts of cheaper ingredients (like caffeine) and too little of the more costly (and effective) ones.

Mega-Ignite Safety

Consumers complain about side effects associated with stimulants like:

• The jitters
• Headaches
• Stomach upset
• Restlessness
• Insomnia

We recommend you do not take Mega-Ignite on an empty stomach, or too late in the day.

Mega-Ignite Value for Money

Mega-Ignite is $49.99 for 90 tablets, which is a one-month supply. This is competitively priced with other diet pills on the market.

Add to that GNC’s full, 30-day “no questions asked” money-back guarantee (simply return the opened package with the receipt), and Mega-Ignite is not too badly priced and low-risk.

You do need to consider the blend delivery and lack of clinically-proven ingredients, however.

Mega-Ignite Conclusion

Meta-Ignite does include a “fat-slashing diet plan and exercise routine,” and in our opinion, that’s how people will lose body fat and become “cut” using this product.

Turning into “Adonis” is going to take a complete lifestyle change, a personal trainer and a top-rated diet pill to help you along the way.

But Mega-Ignite may not be it.

Instead, check out our top picks here.

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