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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

Metabo-Drene Diet Review

Metabo-Drene Diet

If you are just dying to know all about Metabo-Drene Diet and what this product does, you are out of luck. Metabo-Drene Diet’s website doesn’t actually tell us anything outside of the standard take this many pills and don’t take this product if you are pregnant. Of course, we assume that this product is a diet pill and a fat burner. However, Metabo-Drene Diet could always claim ignorance in that department.

The good news is that based on the formula, we do see some potential for weight loss. Metabo-Drene Diet is one of the few products you can find anywhere that does not rely on any kind of proprietary blend or other sneaky and disreputable tactic. Based on the facts, will we find Metabo-Drene Diet totally appealing? You will have to read on and see.

Does Metabo-Drene Diet Actually Have a Weight Loss Formula?

On one hand, Metabo-Drene Diet uses a blend that includes an ingredient called garcinia cambogia. In studies, this ingredient has been known to promote completely stimulant-free and clinically proven weight loss.

Garcinia cambogia is considered to be an effective and well-studied stimulant-free fat burner. However, the other ingredients in Metabo-Drene Diet do not have any weight loss benefits that we know of so far. Of course, even alone, garcinia cambogia could be an effective option. The only question is whether or not Metabo-Drene Diet actually measures up.

Does Metabo-Drene Diet Have What It Takes?

Metabo-Drene Diet uses a blend of ingredients that could potentially promote weight loss, if only for the garcinia cambogia. However, there is one little trick when it comes to this ingredient. You would have to have at least 1500mg of garcinia cambogia alone. Metabo-Drene Diet does not hide behind proprietary blends, meaning we know exactly how much garcinia cambogia Metabo-Drene Diet has.

The problem is that Metabo-Drene Diet’s formula reveals the problem we have been afraid of from the start. This product does not have the clinically proven 1500mg, instead using only 500mg.

Is Metabo-Drene Diet At Least Safe?

Metabo-Drene Diet uses a blend of ingredients that most likely isn’t going to give you any amazing weight loss benefits. However, that does not mean that you have to worry too much about other potential problems. Metabo-Drene Diet specifies that this formula does not have ma huang, which is a given. The important part is that Metabo-Drene Diet also avoids caffeine in its traditional form and other ingredients that might cause serious side effects.

Metabo-Drene Diet does have guarana, which is technically a form of caffeine. For some reason though, this ingredient doesn’t burn fat or cause jitters and other common side effects like other forms of caffeine might.

Is Metabo-Drene Diet Worth Purchasing?

Metabo-Drene Diet uses a blend that includes one stimulant-free weight loss ingredient, and overall, this product seems to be pretty safe. Metabo-Drene Diet does use guarana, which could increase energy levels, but we don’t see any jitters or troubled nights coming your way.

If you would like to be on the safe side, there are definitely products that don’t even use guarana or other relatively safe stimulants. However, our primary concern is the fact that Metabo-Drene Diet doesn’t use the clinically proven amounts of garcinia cambogia, and there are no other weight loss ingredients that we can see right off the bat.

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