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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

Metabo Extreme Review

Metabo Extreme

The ingredients included are relatively safe and natural. They include guarana, bee pollen, ginseng, ginger, lecithin, damiana, and gymnema sylvestre to name a few. Gymnema, for one, has been shown to reduce blood sugar as well as the taste of and cravings for sugar.

Marketing Strategy

Unfortunately, Metabo Extreme is just another diet pill making outrageous claims, because they have not yet been sanctioned for it. When they tell you their ingredients are “pharmaceutical grade”, they want you to believe they are prescription grade, which is just not true. If they were, Metabo Extreme would be a prescription. Second, there is no pill that has ever been created that could actually produce results completely independent of any other contributing factors. There is no panacea of weight loss, any supplement worth its salt will tell you it works best when combined with diet and exercise. The ingredients in Metabo Extreme don’t even come close to fulfilling any promise of that nature. The best thing they have going for them is the fact that they don’t use ephedra(which is evidenced by the fact that the only positive review conducted on Metabo Extreme can only say that they don’t use ma huang, ephedra, or ephedrine). They must have been in a cave when ephedra was banned, in other words no one uses it because it’s illegal. They claim not to use stimulants that can cause negative side effects, but the first ingredient they list is guarana, which by the way does not promote weight loss except when combined with yerba mate and damiana.

Being that Metabo Extreme is sold through third party sellers, you may or may not find a money back guarantee. I have not found any customer testimonials, but you may see them in the future. You may or may not find reliable shipping methods. You may or may not find a lot of necessary things, depending on which seller you buy from. But no matter who they sell it through, there are no clinical studies, there is no research, there is no 98% success rate.

Overall Impression of Metabo Extreme:

Metabo Extreme sells through third party sellers who make outrageous claims about the product. It is in reality however just an average diet pill that provides no reason to choose it above its competition.

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