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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

Mulberry Trim Review

Mulberry Trim

Oh boy, food cravings are hard to deal with aren’t they? And it seems the moment you go on a diet—you suddenly crave everything you’ve promised yourself you won’t eat!

Appetite and overeating is the main reason why we put on weight. Scientists are still concluding that there are many issues behind weight gain, but it seems obvious that “calories in” over “energy out” is a major villain behind weight issues. After all, there are only so many “Doritos with ice-cream on the couch” episodes your worn-down body can deal with!

What if there’s a natural solution to appetite suppression that won’t break the bank, and will leave you feeling fuller, longer so you’re not constantly perusing the contents of your fridge?

Mulberry Trim by NHS (Natural Health Systems) believes it has the answer. You see, NHS think your weight gain is due to blood sugar (glucose) spikes that happen after eating carbohydrates and sugars.

When you eat carbs and sugars, your blood sugar levels become out-of-balance. This “spiking” leads to the adrenal glands producing more blood sugar, which in turn sends signals to your brain that you’re still hungry, and require more high-carb/sugary foods!

So if you’re taking a supplement that has an ingredient that maintains normal blood glucose levels (even if you have eaten something naughty)—but that also eliminates the craving (for something naughty)—you’re problem is solved.

Mulberry Trim contains 400 mg of Mulberry, found in one “unblinded” study to regulate blood sugar to normal levels after a carbohydrate meal.

So if you “pop” two Mulberry Trim before eating, you’re supposed to be able to control not only your blood sugar from spiking, but also your gigantic appetite!

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Does Mulberry Trim Contain any Clinical Ingredients?

Well, in a word, “no.” Mulberry Trim contains 400 mg of White Mulberry Extract which itself contains 1-deooxynojirimycin (DNJ), a “potent glucosidase inhibitor.”

This “glucosidase inhibitor” purportedly slows down digestion, so you feel fuller longer—and—controls cravings for high-carb/high-sugar foods because your blood sugar is normalized and your brain isn’t making your crave them.

This sounds terrific in theory—unfortunately until scientists test Mulberry and publish research stating Mulberry absolutely normalizes blood sugar levels and controls appetite—we don’t believe it.

Mulberry is good for you, however—containing high levels of carotene, vitamin B1 and B2, and vitamin C.

Mulberry Trim Side Effects

We could find no record of reported side effects from taking White Mulberry.

If you have a history of illness, you may want to consult your M.D. before taking Mulberry Trim as a precaution.

Mulberry Trim Price and Returns

Mulberry Trim tablets cost $24.99 for 60. When you consider recommended use is 2 tablets, 3 times a day, that’s only a 10-day supply.

That will add up, my friends.

NHS does not offer a money-back guarantee.

Mulberry Trim Conclusion

Please consider:

• Mulberry Trim only covers one aspect of weight loss—appetite control.
• Mulberry Trim contains only one ingredient.
• Mulberry Trim does not have any clinical backing.
• Mulberry Trim is expensive when you consider $24.99 only covers 10 days.

You’d honestly be better off looking for a slightly more expensive diet pill that will cover your needs for an entire 30 days, and offers not only scientifically proven ingredients, but a lifetime money-back guarantee also.

Here are our suggestions.

Good luck!

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