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Kimberly Tenner
November 30, 2019

MusclePharm CLA Core Review

MusclePharm CLA Core

When winter hits, so do the extra pounds. We all know that cold weather makes us want to eat more. It is easy to lose weight in the summer time when we have beaches to visit and sun to soak up but when we are stuck inside all day, it is hard to resist a few too many trips into the pantry. The holidays don’t help either. All of those cookies and cakes are hard to resist. Personally, I’d rather stuff my mouth than use it to talk to my relatives.

After all of that mouth stuffing you will probably need a little help getting your weight down. Perhaps an effective diet pill is just what you need to give your diet and exercise plan the extra oomph. MusclePharm CLA Core is a diet pill that claims to reduce your overall fat content and increase your lean muscle mass. Keep reading to find out if MusclePharm CLA Core could be effective.

Is MusclePharm CLA Core an Effective Diet Pill?

Without trying MusclePharm CLA Core, there is really no way to know if it will be an effective diet pill. The main ingredient is CLA which is found in meat and dairy product. It is the reason why eating lean beef is good for building lean muscle mass. Not only can it help you bulk up but it will reduce the size of your fat cells. CLA is a bit hit on the diet pill market but in order for it to work you have to the right amount.

This is where the problem arises. MusclePharm CLA Core uses a proprietary blend so we do not know how much CLA is in the formula. Since you take 3 capsules a day, the formula only needs to contain just over 50% CLA. There are only 3 ingredients in the formula so it is very likely that there is indeed enough in the formula. However, there is no real way to know without trying it.

Is MusclePharm CLA Core Safe?

MusclePharm CLA Core is safe for most people. You should definitely speak with your doctor if you have any kind medical conditions. The specific ones that you should worry about are heart disease, high blood pressure, thyroid disease and diabetes.

While CLA is meant to help overweight individuals lose the extra baggage, it may be dangerous for those that are extremely overweight. CLA has been suggested to increase the chances of diabetes development in the obese. I suggest that no matter what, you talk to a doctor before beginning any new diet pill. CLA diet pills are also not suitable for women that are pregnant or nursing.

Final Word on MusclePharm CLA Core

MusclePharm CLA Core is not expensive but this is because the price has been basically slashed in half. You also can not find MusclePharm CLA Core on the official website and there is no money back guarantee. For $20, this is not horrible. However, without the ingredient details there is no real way to know if MusclePharm CLA Core will be effective without trying it first.

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