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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

Nanoslim Review


For those with a harsh gag reflex or pill anxiety, this concept is perfect. Nanoslim offers a “micro tablet” that is a fraction of the size of other weight loss supplements.

I don’t mean to sound horribly biased. But this is starting to sound like honey I shrunk the kids (or in this case the diet pill) gone horribly…well more horribly wrong. The makers of nanoslim would like you to think smaller is better. But when it comes right down to it, there is no way for them to fit a significant and effective amount of even one ingredient into those tiny little pills. It is physically impossible. And looking at the ingredient list doesn’t help their case. They use ingredients such as cha de bugre and green coffee bean extract, which have not been proven to promote weight loss or even to inhibit weight gain.

A study was conducted on green coffee bean extract using mice, but never humans. They claim to have conducted a “clinical study” on their website, which doesn’t mean anything to me. First they did not specify what kind of study it was (ie double blind, placebo controlled, randomized). Second, they don’t tell you who conducted the study, which most likely means it was them and is extremely biased. Common user sentiments are summed up in one customer review that states, “This pill did not work for me. Instead I felt tired, bloated, and hungry as usual.”

Overall Impression of Nanoslim:

For those like my sister who like miniature things, nanoslim would be a cute addition to her ever growing collection. However, as a diet supplement, it’s an enormous waste of time and money.

Nanoslim Customer Reviews

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Sally Says:

I have always wanted to try Nano Slim, but every time I was at the mall I would forget to buy them. Then one day I remembered and bought a box. I took them daily for nearly 4 months, ate a well balanced meal and exercised regularly. I lost an amazing amount of weight. I was weighing 465lbs and dropped down to 323lbs. Just as I was losing the weight and starting to be able to enjoy myself and participate in my children’s play activities Nano Slim was taken off the market. I have since put on 32lbs. I have tried just simply exercise and watching what I ate, but with no success I am still slowly putting on my weight again.

August 31, 2011 at 6:05 am

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