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Kimberly Tenner
December 1, 2019

NaturaCleanse Review


We’ve seen it before. It’s not at all unusual. Generally, they focus on a major superfruit such as acai, and they claim miraculous results. But they have to trick you into buying their product! Even with a daunting price such as the $80 used here, they should not have to trick you into an auto ship on a product if it works. Many consumers have found this out the hard way. The optimist would say “well could this be the exception?” We think not.

Ingredients and Mechanism of Action

NaturaCleanse uses a blend of Plantain mucilage, Apple pectin, Rhubarb root, Alfalfa, Fenugreek, Ginger root, Licorice root, Barberry, Chamomile, and Coleus forskohlii.

Our previous suspicions are confirmed in NaturaCleanse. When you use NaturaCleanse, you will find that it does not have the clinically proven ingredients. And the amounts don’t even matter. They do not have dandelion root, milk thistle, etc. And they do not even have the free radical killing antioxidants found in things like acai.

Overall Impression of NaturaCleanse

NaturaCleanse requires only a simple assessment. NaturaCleanse makes promises and claims. But they do not have the substance to back it up. NaturaCleanse does not have clinically proven ingredients or clinically proven amounts. And it fails to provide what even $5 detoxes have been able to. The main difference is that they charge $80, and you cannot just buy one bottle. You have to be on an auto ship.

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