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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

Novex Biotech ThermoDyne Review


A new product from Novex Biotech, ThermoDyne is a fat burner said to work in 3 distinct stages: fat oxidizing, fat loss, and improved focus and energy.

Furthermore, Novex Biotech claims ThermoDyne harnesses all of ephedra’s effectiveness and none of its side effects.

This sounds promising, but I’ve found products claiming to be as effective as ephedra are often less so, and nearly always have concerning side effects attached. I intend to find out if this is the case with ThermoDyne.

Who is Novex Biotech?

Because ThermoDyne is a new product, I want to start by considering ThermoDyne’s manufacturers. In this case, that’s Novex Biotech.

Specializing in workout supplements, Novex Biotech is a supplement company based in Salt Lake City. Unfortunately, Novex Biotech doesn’t provide any information about the company on its website. By researching the physical address and other contact information, however, I was able to link the company to Basic Research, LLC.

Basic Research has an impressive A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. There is only 1 complaint on file with Basic Research, which has since been settled. This is something I don’t often see when researching supplement companies.

Furthermore, Basic Research has been around since 1992, which tells me the company is well-established and successful enough to stick around in an overcrowded market.

However, just because a company has good business practices and is financially successful doesn’t mean its products are effective. To determine that, I need to see the ThermoDyne ingredient list.

What Ingredients Are in ThermoDyne?

Novex Biotech claims ThermoDyne works in 3 separate phases and to that end, it includes 2 separate proprietary blends. Together, they total 1002 mg—about 1 gram in a 2-capsule serving. Over the course of the day, you’ll get 4 grams of this blend.

To determine ThermoDyne’s ingredient quality, I’ll consider each blend and its ingredients separately.

Fat-Burning Blend (509 mg)

The Fat-Burning Blend is meant to fulfill 2 of ThermoDyne’s proposed stages: fat oxidizing and fat loss. To do so, it includes 7 ingredients.

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). CLA is a group of acids said to stimulate fat burning without affecting the central nervous system. This means it both decreases body fat and preserves muscle. Unfortunately, CLA yields mixed results when studied for effectiveness. The most promising studies show modest weight loss attained through CLA supplementation [1].

Citrus sinensis. You probably know this ingredient as orange extract. While orange doesn’t have any direct weight loss properties, it is a good fiber source, which improves cholesterol and promotes satiety. Oranges also contains 140 percent of vitamin C’s recommended daily intake [2].

Citrus paradisis. Citrus paradisis, or grapefruit, is a favorite both of diabetics and dieters. Said to lower blood sugar and decrease appetite, grapefruit is proven modestly effective in scientific studies. In a 12-week study, subjects that ate half a grapefruit with each meal lost .3 more pounds than subjects who did not [3].

Citrus macracantha. Another orange extract, citrus macracantha is better known as sweet orange. It is this ingredient Novex Biotech says effectively replaces ephedra as the prime fat burner in ThermoDyne. While bitter orange has significant weight loss properties, however, sweet orange has none [4]. This could be a clever marketing ploy by Novex Biotech, or it could be a lack of knowledge.

Salix alba. Also known as white willow, salix alba is an anti-inflammatory. Anti-inflammatories reduce fat cell size in overweight and obese people, but its muscle-building properties are limited. In fact, white willow’s only effect on muscles is reducing soreness and strain [5]. Knowing this, I’m not sure why white willow is included in ThermoDyne.

Plectranthus barbatus. Better known as coleus forskohlii, this herbal extract contains the chemical compound forskolin. Forskolin increases lean body mass and reduces fat. In a 2005 study, forskolin decreased body fat percentage and fat mass by a significant amount [6].

Tribulus terrestris. Said to raise testosterone levels and enhance libido, tribulus terrestris indirectly influences muscle production and overall body composition [7].

Energy Blend (493 mg)

ThermoDyne’s last stage, improved focus and energy production, is supposedly fulfilled through 4 ingredients in the Energy Blend.

Coffee arabica. The weight loss benefits associated with coffee are actually the same benefits associated with caffeine. As a stimulant, coffee increases the metabolic rate and accelerates fat burning. However, unlike your morning coffee, this extract doesn’t come with the extra calories [8].

Paullinia sorbilis. Also known as guarana, paullinia sorbilis is a South American herbal extract with a high caffeine concentration. This makes it ideal for weight loss as caffeine triggers fat burning and energy production. However, it has one advantage over caffeine. As a fatty substance, it is released more slowly. This prevents the quick rise and fall in energy associated with traditional caffeine sources. In one study, it helped overweight subjects lose 11.2 pounds over 45 days [9]. Unfortunately, this study also involved other herbs not included in Thermodyne.

Theobroma cacao. You might know this ingredient better as coca. Cocoa contains several antioxidants that lower blood pressure and fight free radicals that cause disease and other health conditions. Cocoa also has weight loss properties. In an animal study, cocoa lowered body and fatty tissue weight in rats [10].

Sterculia acuminata. Sterculia is an energy booster that treats fatigue and depression while preserving muscle tone. Like guarana, kola nut owes its weight loss benefits to caffeine content, which improves metabolism and increases caloric expenditure [11].

There are some good ingredients in ThermoDyne, despite the disappointment with its active ingredient. However, I’m not convinced there is enough of each ingredient to trigger overall weight loss.

For example, CLA is meant to be taken in doses of 1.8 to 7 grams daily for weight loss. That total is larger than ThermoDyne’s entire blend.

It’s possible the other ingredients in ThermoDyne make up for this and other lapses, but without customer reviews and more detailed information on ingredient amounts, it’s impossible to tell.

Can ThermoDyne Cause Side Effects?

Another concern I have with this formula is the possibility of side effects. While ingredients like CLA and orange are relatively side-effect free, others rely on caffeine content to induce weight loss.

Caffeine and other stimulants may cause the following side effects in sensitive users:

• Insomnia
• Nervousness and anxiety
• Stomach irritation
• Nausea and vomiting
• Increased heart rate and blood pressure
• Rapid breathing
• Tremors
• Stomach cramps

In severe cases, caffeine overdose increases heart attack and stroke risk.

To avoid these side effects, eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, and avoid other stimulant sources like coffee or caffeinated soda.

What’s the Best Deal on ThermoDyne?

Because ThermoDyne is a new product, availability is fairly limited. You can get a 1-month supply for $59.99 on or

If you’re a GNC Gold Card member, you can get a $12 discount or 2 bottles for $90 under the “buy one get one 50% off” deal.

It’s possible ThermoDyne’s availability will increase with time, but these are your only options at the moment.

Is Novex Biotech ThermoDyne a Good Choice for Weight Loss?

ThermoDyne is an average-priced supplement with decent ingredients. It’s not a bad product, but there isn’t enough here to convince me ThermoDyne is worth buying without knowing exact ingredient amounts. I’d also like to see customer reviews before recommending ThermoDyne.

If ThermoDyne sounds appealing to you, I recommend waiting to see if other retailers start offering it for a discounted rate or if positive customer reviews start rolling in.


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