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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

Now CLA Extreme Review

Now CLA Extreme

Now CLA Extreme is the newest dietary supplement from Now. This product is unique in that it doesn’t boast of completely unrealistic, miraculous results. It doesn’t promise to help you lose weight with little to no effort on your part.

Instead, it focuses more on its health benefits that active people are seeking. It claims that because meats and cheeses are so processed, we lose the health benefits of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). According to Now, taking supplements with the added bonus of .

We’ll look into this dietary supplement and see what it’s really doing for its users.


The many ingredients in this product seem promising as a dietary supplement. The ingredients include:

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)– This is an essential fatty acid your body needs to convert linoleic acid, which helps improve metabolism, attacks fat stores, prevents glucose from being converted and stored as fat. It also helps put fat cells at the right places to be burned to create better and leaner muscles.

Usually this acid is found in beef, lamb, and dairy products. However, when on a diet, most people forego these foods, which creates a deficiency which can actually lead to holding more fat, not absorbing enough nutrients from your food, and improper handling of glucose.

Known for its weight loss effects, it can also have drastic side effects. Because of the dosages needed to create any weight loss effects, when taken in such high amounts, CLA can quickly attacks fat, which forces fat into the liver. When the liver holds fat, it can create glucose issues and make people resistant to insulin. Finding a balance with this acid is important.

L-Carnitine– an amino acid found naturally in the body, L-Carnitine is usually stored in the skeletal muscles to produce energy from fatty acids.

Guarana– is an herb similar to coffee, but with more antioxidants. It has more caffeine than coffee, but with less intense and longer lasting results. This herb is said to increase fat burning and suppress the appetite.

Green Tea-an antioxidant rich tea which helps many different health factors. This tea also helps strengthen the immune system and supports the liver by helping get rid of toxins so it functions better. Also increases the metabolism to increase the rate at which fat burns.

Vitamin Eis a vitamin that helps improve digestion and increase the amounts of good cholesterol in the body, while reducing the amounts of the bad. This vitamin also aids in digestion.

Chromium– This compound, too, helps lower cholesterol. It’s also said to help increase metabolism, although its definitive useful hasn’t been determined.


This product will give your body essential fatty acids, along with antioxidant-rich nutrients to help build muscle and decrease the amounts of fat. Along with its cholesterol lowering effects, it improves energy levels, focus and attention spans, and can aid a healthy lifestyle.


L-Carnitine has been known to cause seizures in those who may be prone to them. This product is not recommended for those who are at risk to have a seizure.

CLA, while being a necessary nutrient for the body, can also cause harmful side effects. In order to produce fat-burning effects, it must taken in high quantities. This forces fat to move quickly through the body and can cause it to stay in the liver. When fat builds up in the liver, it can have extremely negative side effects to your glucose and insulin tolerances. Those who are diabetic shouldn’t take this product.


While there are several health benefits to this product, we’re a little hesitant to recommend it. The side effects when taken in high doses don’t seem like an adequate reaction for the risks. Balance is the key to this product. If taking it, we’d recommend taking it in small doses to prevent serious negative reactions.

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