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Kimberly Tenner
November 30, 2019

NOW T-Lean Review

NOW T-Lean

We live in a society that has very weird ideas about food. America is a gluttonous place. We tend to think of food as an indulgence instead of as nourishment for our body and mind. We also think of food as an inconvenience while we are busy. This drives many people and cars to the fast food joints that are littered across our nation.

If you are trying to lose weight, a good goal is to try to change your outlook on food and it’s purpose. I still see food as a source of happiness but I also try to make sure it does not become a source of unhappiness or bad feelings. When I imagine a big juicy fast food burger my immediate thought is what I will fell like after, which is crappy.

Something that can help you get into the right mind set for dieting is a diet pill. There are so many options out there and the large majority do not do anything for you at all. NOW Foods T-Lean claims to be an effective diet pill that will help you manage your weight. NOW Foods T-Lean claims to increase your metabolism so that you are burning calories at an efficient rate. Keep reading to find out if NOW Foods T-Lean is the effective choice you are looking for.

Is NOW Foods T-Lean an Effective Choice?

The only ingredient in NOW Foods T-Lean is Decaffeinated Green Tea. This may take away any of the side effects that could come with Green Tea but it also removes any appetite suppression and energy and focus boost that would come with caffeine.

The focal point of NOW Foods T-Lean’s formula is the antioxidants in Green Tea that can increase your metabolism. These also have good health benefits of preventing disease that comes with aging. However, there is not enough Green Tea provided in order to really make a difference in your metabolic rate.

Overall, I do not think that you have a lot to gain from the NOW Foods T-Lean formula.

What Kind of Side Effects Are We Talking About?

NOW Foods T-Lean should not have any side effects. Usually Green Tea has some possible side effects but without the caffeine you should have nothing to worry about. The formula is vegetarian and there are no irritants in the capsule.

Is NOW Foods T-Lean For You?

Unless you are looking for a weak diet pill, I do not think that NOW Foods T-Lean is for you. The formula is not nearly strong enough to pay even the low price of $7.

I suggest you look for another diet pill that has an effective and proven formula with the proper dosages. Your diet pill should also come with a solid return policy that gives you at least 30 days to try the diet pill risk free. While decaffeinated is good for pregnant women, for someone trying to lose weight the caffeine will help to suppress appetite and give you a boost in your energy and focus.

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