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Kimberly Tenner
December 1, 2019

Nuphedrine Review


Based largely on Advantra-Z and hoodia, Nuphedrine professes them to be the two most powerful ingredients outside prescription diet medications. They also use slimaluma, and they advertise no side effects, no fillers, no cheap ingredients, and up to 500 calories burned per day without diet or exercise.

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Ingredients and Mechanism of Action

Nuphedrine uses a simple and effective list of ingredients. Hoodia has recently become famous and commonly used as a powerful appetite suppressant. Nuphedrine also provides proof of their certification that proves their hoodia to be the real McCoy. Because hoodia has become so popular so suddenly, manufacturers currently sell about 100,000 times more hoodia than is actually able to be harvested by farmers. As such, most of it is fake, and unless they have proof of certification, you are not getting the real thing. Slimaluma, like hoodia, is a recently popularized appetite suppressant, which also blocks the formation of fat and forces the body to burn that fat. Finally, they use Advantra-Z, otherwise known as bitter orange extract. It has been commonly used to treat gastrointestinal issues, insomnia, headaches, and anxiety. They also offer a 60 day money back guarantee, when the majority of today’s market only offers a strict 30 day guarantee if that.

Nuphedrine, while it now contains a small number of popular and effective ingredients, was previously packaged as a product called Looking Trim/Ephedrine-P57. As is suggested by the name, Looking Trim/Ephedrine-P57 contained ephedra. Unlike many of their ephedra using counterparts, Nuphedrine escaped much of the downfall experienced by changing their name. While they parade around telling consumers how they are the only ones to use patented hoodia and Advantra-Z, they feel no need to tell consumers how much of each ingredient they are using, and anybody who may have participated in any type of study knows how important the dose of any ingredient or supplement can be when determining its effectiveness.

Synephrine, one of the known elements of Advantra-Z has been commonly used to replace ephedra, because they come from the same family. As such, there is a fair likelihood that supplements using Advantra-Z, bitter orange, or any other ingredient that implements synephrine will be banned by the FDA in the near future. Hoodia is a relatively new ingredient, but it has already been connected with liver disease by scientists. Other long term and short term effects have yet to be effectively and thoroughly studied. Finally, Nuphedrine has fixed their testimonials. It’s something a fair amount of companies now do, which is why I don’t give a large amount of credence to testimonials found only on the manufacturer’s website. One of their testimonials features two different individuals who aren’t even from the same ethnic background. Others show people whose after pictures are taken from significant distances, and they could very well just be sucking in a gut for the picture. Others are just not the same people.

Overall Impression of Nuphedrine:

At first glance, Nuphedrine has potential. They have a short and to the point ingredient list, with ingredients that have recently used for a plethora of purposes. But they don’t reveal how much of ingredient they use, and unfortunately those ingredients could have some serious short term and long term adverse side effects. Then you find out they were part of the ephedra ban, but changed their name to escape certain consequences of the market. Now, they are using ingredients likely to be banned again, and they use obviously fake testimonials. I would stay away from Nuphedrine.

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