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November 29, 2019

Nutrakey Raspbery Ketones Review

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Guarantee: 60 Days

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Nutrakey Raspberry Ketone is a new weight loss aid designed to boost energy and promote natural thermogenesis.

Recently, scientists have discovered raspberry ketones as a useful weight loss aid and obesity treatment. However, human research is limited; more studies are needed before we understand everything about this natural ingredient.

Is Nutrakey Rasberry Ketone a viable weight loss solution or just another over-advertised product?

Thermogenic Weight Loss

Although most studies have been done on animals, there is evidence to support Nutrakey Raspberry Ketone’s effectiveness.

Raspberry ketone induces fat metabolism in brown adipose tissue, causing intense thermogenic fat burn. It also alters lipid metabolism which increases norepinephrine-induced lipolysis (fat breakdown) in white adipocytes. [1][2]

Thermogenesis is also induced by adiponectin, a hormone expressed and secreted in adipose tissue. Raspberry ketone increases adiponectin production, which influences brain chemistry to maintain a high metabolic rate. [3][4]

In addition, raspberry ketone reduces hepatic triglyceride levels and liver inflammation. It is also capable of reversing leptin and insulin resistance. [5]

Recommended Use

Before breakfast, take 1 Nutrakey Raspberry Ketone capsule with a full glass of water or preferred beverage. A second capsule can be taken before lunch or your midday workout. You may take up to 3 capsules per day but never exceed this limit.

Nutrakey Raspberry Ketone is meant to be used for at least 1 month before results are achieved.

Effective Dose

There isn’t a clinically proven dose for raspberry ketone. However, Doctor Oz, a famous medical doctor, recommends taking 100 mg per day. Effective doses successfully used in animal studies translate to about 80-340 mg per kg body weight for humans. For a 150 lb. person, this equals 870-3700 mg per day. [6][7]

Each capsule of Nutrakey Raspberry Ketone contains 125 mg, providing a maximum daily intake of 375 mg. This is enough to pass Doctor Oz’s standards of efficacy. If you’re not sure about getting enough, a doctor can help you determine dosing based on health factors like height, age, and body weight.

Is Raspberry Ketone Safe?

There hasn’t been enough research to fully determine raspberry ketone’s safety. Up to this point, scientists haven’t witnessed any side effects in human studies. Therefore, Nutrakey Raspberry Ketone is likely safe for most people. [8]

However, scientists note raspberry ketone is chemically similar to a stimulant called synephrine, which is related to ephedrine. It might cause side effects such as jitteriness, rapid heartbeat, and increased blood pressure. Serious heart palpitations have been reported in rare cases. [8]

If you experience side effects resembling that of a stimulant, immediately discontinue use and visit your doctor. Additionally, pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take this product.

Where to Buy It

Nutrakey Raspberry Ketone is available through several online retailers.

Here are some of the best purchasing options: – $9.99
• – $11.99
• – $15.14
• – $28 would be my first purchasing choice. Not only does this retailer have the lowest price, but it also offers a quality 60-day guarantee, so you can get a refund if the product disappoints. Contact customer service by messaging

Should You Try Nutrakey Raspberry Ketone?

When it comes to weight loss pills, Nutrakey Raspberry Ketone is among the cheapest supplements available. While more research is needed on human subjects to determine factors like safety and dosing, there is evidence showing it causes thermogenic fat loss.

Although side effects are unlikely, you should always monitor your body closely when beginning a new supplement. Discontinue use and send the bottle back for a full refund if you experience side effects. However, for people looking for an inexpensive, all-natural weight loss supplement, Nutrakey Raspberry Ketone might be the ideal choice.


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