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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

Nutrition 53 Lean1 Review

Nutrition 53 Lean1

It’s not surprising to see Nutrition 53, the company behind Lean1 Healthy Performance Shake say, “Lean1 is your answer to lose weight quickly without ever feeling hungry!”.

Supposedly, Lean1 delivers “high-octane fuel” to boost energy levels and keep you going strong without the extra calories. Furthermore, advertisements claim Lean1 contains the fiber and heart-healthy phytosterols you need for the ultimate weight loss experience.

But could you really get all the nutrients you need — and lose weight — with Nutrition 53 Lean1? Weight loss shakes can help, but how does Lean1 stack up?

Nutrition 53 Lean1 Nutrition Facts

Lean1 only has 220 calories per serving, which is pretty reasonable, especially if you’re using it to replace a meal.

It also has 20 g of protein, a substantial amount.

Unfortunately, Lean1 has 11 g sugar. This isn’t the worst I’ve seen in a protein shake, but it’s not the best, either.

Luckily, it is packed with vitamins and minerals and other health-promoting ingredients.

Nutrition 53 Lean1 Ingredients

Nutrition 53 Lean1 has a very extensive ingredient profile, including foods from practically every food group. Let’s examine some of the key ingredients to see whether this shake could help you lose weight.

N53 Protein Blend

Milk Protein Isolate. This protein source is extracted from milk through a filtration process. It has a high amino acid concentration, making it ideal for muscle building or as a meal replacement. Milk protein takes up to 7 hours to be released in the bloodstream, so it also suppresses appetite. [1]

Whey Protein Isolate. Formed from pasteurized whey, whey protein isolate is a complete protein, containing all necessary amino acids. Whey protein isolate is highly filtered, with nonprotein elements removed. It is proven to build muscle, control blood glucose level, and prevent muscle and bone loss in the elderly. [2]

Micellar Casein. Found in milk, micellar casein is unique in its ability to prevent muscle tissue breakdown. It elevates amino acids for a long time period, optimizing muscle growth. [3]

Leucine. This amino acid repairs muscles and provides energy. Leucine is the most effective BCAA for preventing muscle loss, as it is rapidly converted to glucose. [4]

Glutamine. The most abundant free amino acid, glutamine assists many biological processes, particularly HGH production. HGH, or human growth hormone, stimulates growth and cellular regeneration, leading to a reversal of some of aging’s health effects. [5]

Taurine. Taurine regulates the nervous system and muscles, strengthens heart muscles, and maintains healthy blood pressure. Taurine is also important to nitric oxide production, which regulates blood and oxygen flow to muscles. [6]

N53 Fruit and Vegetable Blend

Fibersol. Fibersol is a patented fiber that increases satiety. Studies show fiber also reduces risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. [7]

Dehydrated Fruits and Veggies. This blend includes dried or dehydrated carrot, watermelon, tomato, cabbage, and blueberry.

N53 Vitamin and Mineral Matrix

Hoodia Gordonii. This cactus-type plant contains a chemical said to decrease hunger. However, there is not enough scientific evidence to support hoodia weight loss claims. [8]

Green Coffee Bean Extract. Green coffee bean contains chlorogenic acid, which slows glucose release and promotes satiety. According to one study, green coffee bean promotes significant weight loss. However, the study was sponsored by a food science company invested in the ingredient and may be biased. [9]

Acai Berry. Hailed as a superfruit, acai berry contains health-promoting antioxidants that protect against cellular damage. It also provides monounsaturated fats that exhibit mild appetite suppressing effects, but not in a significant enough amount to promote weight loss. [10]

Goji Berry. In one study, daily goji berry consumption increased feelings of well-being and gastrointestinal function. [11]

What Do Customers Think?

Let’s look at customer comments from for each flavor:

Vanilla (75/126 gave it 5/5 stars)

• “I absolutely LOVE this shake. It tastes so good, that it is like having a treat!” (Yayamom)
• “. . . Had a little after taste . . . The product did help with hunger control . . . I would purchase again, but this time I will purchase the chocolate flavor over the vanilla.” (B.E. Escontrias)
• “It did not taste good at all, it was horrible. Plus it not only tasted horrible, but it smelled horrible.” (nethop)

Chocolate (24/32 gave it 5 stars)

• “This is the best protein shake I have ever had.” (Ashley Saberniak)
• “Taste great and does kill hunger, a bit costly though . . .” (ALJ)
• “It was weird and salty.” (j)

Cookies and Cream (3/4 gave it 5 stars)

• “Cookies & cream Is delicious. We don’t use it for weight loss, but for muscle maintenance/building.” (j)
• “I wouldn’t recommend going with this because it just tastes like a watered down kinda cookie flavored shake.” (Greesemonkey3)

Strawberry (0/2 gave it 5 stars)

• “They need to find a way to get some of the bad ingredients (like high fructose corn syrup) out of there.” (Chicago Mom)
• “Tastes like strawberry Pocky sticks.” (A. Toad)

Banana Cream (2/2 gave it 5 stars)

• “. . . Banana Cream is the best flavor of ANY whey product I’ve ever had . . . it tastes kind of like banana but mostly like French vanilla ice cream or something.” (j)

Product Pricing

If you decide to buy, you can find it for the following prices:

$39.97 at
$21.78 to $47.99 at (depending on flavor)
$32.98 at (chocolate flavor)
$33.84 at (chocolate)
$35.99 at (chocolate)

Nutrition 53 Lean1: The Bottom Line

Nutrition 53 Lean1 is the most loaded performance shake I’ve ever seen, with nutrients from every food group. However, the high sugar content and the price keep it from being the best shake I’ve ever seen. There are other products available that offer similar nutrients for a more affordable price.

If you’ve tried Nutrition 53 Lean1, leave a comment and let us know if you like it!


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i love this product best meal replacement ever

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