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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

NV Sprinkles Review

NV Sprinkles

NV Sprinkles is a weight loss product that’s sprinkled on your food to reduce appetite and help you eat less. The makers of NV Sprinkles claim that using the sprinkles twice a day, you will eat 25% less food.

It might seem strange to control appetite and lose weight by sprinkling a powder onto your food. I was curious about this too. How do these sprinkles reduce your appetite and curb hunger? And are they safe to use? Here is what I found out.


NV Sprinkles contain few ingredients.

  • Chromium (500 mg, 417% daily value) Chromium is a semi-essential nutrient needed in very small amounts. It is thought to help control blood sugar and insulin sensitivity. Both are important in curbing hunger. [1]
  • MaltodextrinA starch based food additive that is used as a bulking agent. It is a white powder that is slightly sweet or flavorless.
  • CelluloseA fiber additive. Fiber helps you feel full and effectively reduces appetite.
  • Silica Used as a stabilizer in many supplements. It stops the sprinkles from caking together. It also has minor nutritive properties.

How Do NV Sprinkles Work?

With such a short list of ingredients, it may seem like these sprinkles wouldn’t have much of an effect. I believe they might be effective, and here is why.

  • Blood Sugar Control: When your food is digested, it is broken into different parts: sugar, protein, fat, and vitamins/minerals. Sugar, or glucose, is the body’s main energy source and is involved in almost every metabolic process. When you haven’t eaten for a while, the amount of sugar in your blood drops and your body produces hunger pains, signaling you to eat.

    Insulin is the hormone that allows your cells to use sugar. Without it, or if you are insensitive to it, like in diabetes, your blood sugar levels slowly climb. Even if you don’t have diabetes, insulin levels can still affect you by raising or lowering blood sugar and thereby affecting hunger. The chromium in NV sprinkles may effectively control insulin and blood sugar levels. [1]

  • Fiber: One of the best ways to eat less and still feel full is by eating more fiber. NV sprinkles contain cellulose which is a common form of fiber found in plant foods. I am not sure how much cellulose is in NV sprinkles because the amount is not listed on the label, but if enough is included it could effectively reduce hunger.

Are They Safe?

The directions for NV Sprinkles state that you should not use more than two packets a day. Each packet contains 500 mg of chromium. There is no upper limit set for chromium, but more than 1000 mg of chromium/day is not advised. As long as 2 packets a day are used, the chromium in NV Sprinkles should not be a problem.

Silica is a common food additive, but some of my research revealed it may not be safe and can cause adverse reactions. [2] In some forms, silica is poisonous, but it is also a semi-essential nutrient in the body. There is probably a negligible amount in the small packets of NV sprinkles, but be cautious if you are sensitive to silica.

Buying NV Sprinkles

NV Sprinkles are sold in boxes of 20 or 40 packets. Serving suggestion for users is 2 packets per day. I could only find two online retailers who sell this product.

  • 40 ct. box for $39.95 each + $9.95 P+H. Or buy two get one free for $99.95 and free P+H.
  • 20 ct. box for $19.88 + shipping charges.

To return NV Sprinkles to, obtain a consumer return authorization number, and then ship the package back to the manufacturer within 30 days of the purchase date. The website does not say whether or not the items must be unopened. offers a 90-day return window in which you can ship the item back to Wal-Mart or return it directly to a Wal-Mart store. All items must be returned in their original packaging.

The Bottom Line

NV Sprinkles seems to work by reducing hunger, controlling blood sugar, and helping users feel full sooner. The product is most likely safe if the serving suggestions are followed and no more than two packets per day are used.

Although this product is most likely safe and effective for weight loss, I think it’s pretty expensive. The small box will only last you 10 days, 20 days for the large box. There are similar products, like Sensa, that are sold in one month quantities for about $50 that may be a more cost effective option.


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[2] Budhram, Adrian. “Why Is There Silica in My Vitamin?” LIVESTRONG.COM. N.p., 14 June 2011. Web. 19 Nov. 2012. .

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