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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

pAGG Supplement System Review

pAGG Supplement System

What if you could use an herbal weight-loss supplement to lose weight safely? New Health Solutions has developed a pAGG Solution System approach to weight loss that offers a safe approach to weight loss using age-old remedies with a new twist.

What’s inside pAGG Solution System? Let’s start with what’s not. This product is 100% stimulant free without synthetic, chemically altered forms of real ingredients.

Natural Ingredients

pAGG Supplement Solutions contains just five-key ingredients. Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA),
Aged Garlic Extract , Biotin , with Decaffeinated Green Tea Flavanols and Policosanol are divided into two supplement bottles.

pAGG Supplement Solutions’ All Day stack includes:

Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA): burns blood sugar and transfers it to muscle tissue instead of fat cells.
Aged Garlic Extract : utilizes antioxidant properties to aid your heart and manage blood pressure.
Biotin : vitamin that can speed up weight loss through a higher metabolic rate.
Decaffeinated Green Tea Flavanols : thought to inhibit LDL (bad cholesterol levels)

The Night Time stack contains the three ingredients above, but utilizes Policosanol instead of Decaffeinated Green Tea Flavanols to ensure you receive a good night’s sleep, which is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

Policosanol: Reduces proliferation of cells in arteries to promote healthy blood flow and stop cell growth of LDL (bad cholesterol) while elevating HDL (good cholesterol).

Important Information

We are encouraged by companies that provide comprehensive clinical studies on the key ingredients listed. New Health Solutions does just that. Studies have shown that the benefits we listed are likely as well as a very low number of negative side effects.

If you require gluten or soy free products and are a vegetarian – this supplement contains no animal byproducts, no gluten and no soy.

Happy consumers in a variety of locations usually point toward sustained success of a product. Not only has pAGG Supplement Solution been at the top of the New York Times and Amazon-seller lists, but it also has drawn recommendations from NBC, Woman’s World and GNC Supplement Stores.

The list of satisfied consumers on various online sites suggests that pAGG really does do the trick. Consumers pointed toward a quick turnaround without side effects and healthy energy levels. Although many felt that it would work with or without a healthy diet, New Health Solutions specifically recommends that a good diet of non-processed foods and exercise will allow you to not only lose pounds but become healthier while you do it.

Price Point

This one isn’t cheap and unfortunately doesn’t come with a money-back guarantee. What you can feel good about (in addition to the slew of happy consumers) is that New Health Solutions appears to be quick to assist with quick and consistent customer service.

A stack of this supplement is going to run you $60.00 retail for a month supply. We suggest going that route first – if you like it then great, go for a 2 or 4-month supply (which offer discounts).

Our Recommendation

If you’re going to go with a pAGG Supplement Solution Stack – we feel New Health Solution’s stimulant and synthetic-free version is the way to go. With clinical studies, great customer reviews and detailed ingredients this product seems to hit a home run.

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