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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

Panthera Pharma Hydronic Razor Review

Panthera Pharma Hydronic Razor

Panthera Pharma Hydronic Razor ingredients include potassium, calcium, magnesium, dandelion root, buchu leaf extract, uva ursi leaf extract, juniper berry, green tea, milk thistle, and l-cysteine.

As you can see, just as they claim, Panthera Pharma Hydronic Razor is just a diuretic. It gets rid of water weight, which is easily lost, but also easily regained. It is extremely simple to become dehydrated with these, and they actually frustrate your future weight loss. They don’t burn fat, and no, all of this is not a good thing. It is the same thing as not being a weight loss supplement.

Overall Impression of Panthera Pharma Hydronic Razor:

Panthera Pharma Hydronic Razor is not a weight loss supplement, it is a diuretic. It is really as simple as that. It does not promote fat loss, the weight loss is not at all sustainable, and it will frustrate any future efforts on your part to lose weight. We would not advise using this product, you would only be wasting your time and effort.

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