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Kimberly Tenner
December 1, 2019

Phenocerin Review


Phenocerin uses chromium, which has been showed in multiple clinical studies to produce higher weight loss results than diet and exercise alone.

Reading the Phenocerin website, I got this creepy feeling of dejavu. So I did a little research, and I have reviewed this product before, except before it went under the name Lipocerin. Neither of them bother to reveal the amounts they use of any ingredient, they just say they use more than such and such diet pill. They don’t even bother to change the diet products they are comparing themselves to. There is not a full ingredient list to be found. They cite the same exact facts(ie if you lose just 10% of your total body weight, it will have immediate health benefits, and they put all of their facts in the exact same order. They are both manufactured and marketed by the same company. I guess they just didn’t feel like developing two unique websites. They both say they use hoodia gordonii, but neither of them offer any proof that their hoodia is authentic. They even use the exact same “clinical studies” to support their product. And then they both offer a “free trial offer” to try to rope consumers into an autoship program on a basically worthless product.

Overall Impression of Phenocerin:

So if you would like to read about Phenocerin, you could probably visit the Lipocerin website, and vice versa. They are trying to double dip and get consumers who tried with one and failed to try the other under the idea that it is something different. A such, both websites display classic signs of a fraudulent company such as a “free trial offer”, no list of ingredients, etc. And the fact is, even if they could certify their hoodia, a product with only chromium and hoodia would not be a “potent fat fighter.” There are plenty of companies peddling worthless products to the general population. But most of them don’t use the same website to market a relabeled version of the original.

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