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November 29, 2019

Pro-Nutra Green Coffee Bean Extract Review

Ever since Dr. Oz declared green coffee bean extract as a “fat burner that works,” dieters have turned to new supplements such as Pro-Nutra Green Coffee Bean Extract. This famous ingredient has sparked plenty of sensation – but is there evidence to back it up?

“Products like this are a no brainer,” explains one user at “Green coffee bean should be a stable in your diet just as much as creatine would be for muscle performance.”

According to advertisements, Pro-Nutra Green Coffee Bean Extract, “when used as part of your diet may promote healthy blood sugar levels.”

But is it a reliable way to lose weight?

Green Coffee Bean Extract for Weight Loss

As its name implies, Pro-Nutra Green Coffee Bean Extract features green coffee bean as its main ingredient. Much to my surprise, green coffee bean extract is Pro Nutra’s only weight loss ingredient.

It takes a lot of daring for a manufacturer to make a diet pill with only one weight loss ingredient. More often than not, supplements contain multiple ingredients, so if a dieter doesn’t respond well to one, the other ingredients can pick up the slack.

Although green coffee bean extract is promising as a weight loss supplement, it’s a far cry from being perfect.

According to studies, green coffee bean extract significantly reduces body weight and percent body fat. Some experts believe this is because green coffee bean extract contains high chlorogenic and caffeic acid concentrations, which inhibit sugar absorption. Furthermore, the chlorogenic acid “has a significant influence on glucose metabolism.” [1]

However, dieters should note that this oft-quoted study was conducted only on 16 people, a small sample for such big results.

Furthermore, the study was funded by the manufacturers behind Svetol, a patented green coffee bean extract. It’s possible that the results were biased in the supplement’s favor and may not be an accurate reflection of green coffee bean’s true performance.

Some suspect participants may have felt encouraged to slim down because their weight and diet were monitored as part of the study. [2]

“Clearly there’s nothing magical about it,” explains Dr. Arya Sharma, professor of medicine at University of Alberta. [2]

Are There Any Side Effects to Worry About?

Although green coffee bean extract is said to be safe to use, dieters should exercise caution nonetheless.

Green coffee bean extract is created from unroasted coffee bean. It contains approximately 20 mg caffeine per serving, which is a fraction of the amount provided in a regular cup of coffee (100 mg). [3]

Caffeine is known to cause negative side effects such as dizziness, jitters, headaches, nausea, and upset stomach.

Certain medications are known to interact negatively with caffeine, so it’s best to consult a doctor prior to use.

Pro-Nutra Green Coffee Bean Extract contains 425 mg green coffee bean extract per serving which is standardized to contain 50% chlorogenic acids. This means the caffeine content should be fairly low.

According to most reviewers, side effects are minimal.

Is It Vegetarian Friendly?

Pro-Nutra Green Coffee Bean Extract is made with vegetarian friendly capsules.

How to Use Green Coffee Bean Extract

For best results, take 2 capsules in the morning and 1 capsule in the afternoon on an empty stomach. Do not take Green Coffee Bean Extract for more than 8 consecutive weeks.

As with any dietary supplement, Pro-Nutra Green Coffee Bean Extract will provide longer lasting results if you combine it with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Who Can Use It?
This supplement should not be used by anyone under 18 years old. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not take green coffee bean extract.

Consumer Opinions

Consumer reviews regarding Pro-Nutra Green Coffee Bean Extract are surprisingly positive at

“Within one months time my lady lost close to 12lbs using this product. She really loves this and in turn is more confident in her figure. Thank you!!” – Phoenixrises360

“”I had heard so much about green coffee bean, but I was a little skeptical about it at first. Once I tried this product I realized how awesome it is! Smooth energy, but enough to power me through tough workouts and cardio sessions. Love it!” – Jlocco520

“I recently started this supplement and am loving it. It has helped me control my appetite and I can already see a difference on the scale already. It gives me clean energy without a crash. I did not experience jitters, just the smooth energy that I look for in supplements like this one.” JpKoble

Product Price and Guarantee

The best places to buy Pro-Nutra Green Coffee Bean Extract are online. I found the following distributors offered great prices: $34.99
• $34.99
• $59.99
• $27.99

Final Thoughts

Green Coffee Bean Extract has its pros and cons. On one hand, it offers high antioxidant concentrations and comes highly recommended by experts. On the other hand, it needs additional research may cause negative side effects.

Some users love how Green Coffee Bean Extract boosts energy levels while others complain that it didn’t help them lose weight.

This narrows it down to the price. For a supplement that provides only 1 ingredient for weight loss and just 425 mg per serving, I’m not convinced it’s worth paying $27-$60 a bottle for.

There are many other supplements that feature green coffee bean extract as well as additional weight loss ingredients for a much lower price.


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