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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

Proactol Review


There are several methods a diet pill can utilize to help someone lose weight, namely appetite suppressors, thermogenics (fat burners) and fat binders. Each of these has its plusses and minuses.

Unfortunately, the minuses of appetite suppressors and thermogenics are that they only give short-term results. The human body quickly gets used to appetite suppressors and thermogenics can only be used for a short while before they can have serious side effects.

Proactol utilizes the third method: fat binding, a unique method that uses all-natural ingredients to bind with dietary fat to inhibit absorption. This is the type of diet pill a doctor would prescribe due to the fact that Proactol not only provides safe, long-term results, but appears to be one of the best methods for losing weight and keeping it off.

While this sounds appealing to most consumers, we can’t help but question the science behind Proactol. Is it as strong as manufacturers would have us believe?

How is Proactol Supposed to Work?

The basis of Proactol’s formula is two forms of fiber, one soluble and the other non-soluble. While not a revolutionary idea, Proactol takes advantage of it to become a very potent and effective.

When the primary form of fiber in Proactol, the non-soluble kind, enters the stomach it begins binding to fats and making them more difficult to digest. This can make almost 30% of the fat in your diet indigestible, so you can still enjoy your favorite foods on occasion without taking an enormous hit in your calorie intake.

Of course, any diet pill should be taken with a diet and exercise, but Proactol seems like a great technique for turning any normal diet into a low-fat diet, enabling your body to absorb less fat so it can focus on burning its current stores.

The Other Fiber

Proactol’s other fiber, the soluble kind, plays a different role entirely. It’s designed to become a semi-solid/semi-liquid in the stomach that then becomes difficult to digest.

Don’t let that scare you, though, it’s supposed to do that. While the soluble fiber sits in your stomach longer, it puts pressure on the stomach walls, sending signals to your brain that you’re still full, so you don’t feel the need to eat nearly as many calories.

While most appetite suppressors mess with your mind to make you think you’re full, Proactyl actually keeps you full. This means the appetite suppressing properties won’t wear off after a couple of weeks.


Of course, we love fiber and most dieters can’t seem to get enough of the stuff – but even though Proactol will help curb your cravings for food, it hasn’t curbed our cravings for information. On the product website, Proactol manufacturers fail to specify which types of fiber were used and how much is used in their formula, casting a small shadow of doubt on the effectiveness of the fiber inside.

Additionally, too much fiber has been known to cause negative side effects such as bloating, constipation, gas, and diarrhea – so be sure to exercise a little caution before supplementing with Proactol or you may be making a few extra trips to the restroom.

Our Recommendation

While no miracle pill, Proactol does seem like a reliable method for losing weight. When used correctly, Proactol can be an affordable alternative to prescriptions.

Proactol can be purchased for $38.95 and also comes with a money-back guarantee and several promotions as well, including an online subscription to a personal trainer and free diet food for a week. While this may just be a sales gimmick, the money-back guarantee is hard to ignore.

The only reason it doesn’t make our top-ten list is because it focuses on long-term loss rather than quick results.

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