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Kimberly Tenner
December 2, 2019

Propolene/Fiberthin Review


When I first heard a Propolene commercial on the radio, they said it was like a gastric bypass in a bottle, which led me to believe that it contained nothing more than glucomannan, a soluble fiber that expands in the stomach with 8oz of water and creates a feeling of fullness with little food. But it requires 1000mg.

True to form, the only ingredient in Propolene according to manufacturers is glucomannan. But they don’t bother to provide a quantity, and it is unlikely that it contains the required 1000mg or 1g. And incase you were wondering, glucomannan is not an expensive ingredient.

So if they were to charge their initial charge of $29.95 and that’s all and provide a quantity of at least 1000mg, we might consider it as a viable option. But $89.85 is way too much to pay for a glorified glucomannan supplement.

Overall Impression of Propolene/Fiberthin:

The one good thing about Propolene seems to be the fact that it is all natural and there are no side effects associated with the one ingredient. It does not have any proven fat burners, apparently no proven quantities, no carb blockers, no fat blockers, no metabolic boosters, nothing that would make it worth a significant amount of money or time. Hence, the FTC has filed suit with the makers of Propolene and Fiberthin for making misleading weight loss claims violating federal law. With such reputation, we would have an extremely difficult time recommending this product.

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