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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

Rapidslim Review


Rapidslim SX ingredients include caffeine, green tea extract, picamilon HCL, oolong tea extract, black tea extract, and hoodia gordonii to name a few, which are popular ingredients. They also use chromium, which has been proven to aid in gradual weight loss goals when combined with a proper diet and exercise plan.

While Rapidslim SX claims to be formulated especially for women, there is nothing in the ingredients to indicate it would be especially for women or moreover detrimental to male users. Second, while the ingredients used are popular, popular does not always mean effective. In the proper amounts, some of these ingredients have been known to promote gradual weight loss. But others of them have not been proven at all. They claim to use hoodia gordonii for one. It has not been fully studied in its actual form, and most of the world’s hoodia is fake. They use proprietary blends, so they don’t have to tell you what exactly is in each pill. But the proprietary blends are so small as to indicate extremely low levels of even one of the ingredients listed in those blends. They base their entire campaign on one study which supposedly showed a weight loss of 14.52 pounds with one of their main ingredients as opposed to 5.06 pounds with a placebo in an 8 week study. They claim Rapidslim SX can help you to lose 24 pounds quickly. But if they use quickly to mean 8 weeks, the jump from 14.52 pounds to 24 pounds is significant to say the least. They also don’t name the “main ingredient” used in the study among other things.

Overall Impression of Rapidslim:

Rapidslim SX as it turns out is just an average diet pill at best. They make many general promises such as “rapid weight loss.” But they don’t specify, because the ingredients used cannot back up those claims. They use a study that they claim was conducted on one of their main ingredients, but they don’t tell you which ingredient that was. When they claim it is “specially formulated for women”, it is just a marketing ploy. If you are looking to get ripped off, buy Rapidslim SX. However, for the rest of us, there are plenty of better alternatives.

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