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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

SatieTrim Saffron Extract Review

SatieTrim Saffron Extract

We’re always looking for inexpensive and effective products to help you lose weight. After all, we live in a day and age where money is tight—and unfortunately clothes are getting tighter.

This is because junk food is so convenient—and less expensive than more healthy choices. If you’ve lived on Ramon Noodles and Mac and Cheese, raise your hand!

We also look for new and innovative ways for you to lose weight; and we believe we’ve found one with SatieTrim Saffron Extract by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals.

SatieTrim Saffron Extract’s Creation

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals are no stranger to weight loss formulations and cost-effective diet pills. The makers of the popular “Fastin” line, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals create their products in an FDA monitored facility and sell an entire range of products for overall health, as well as weight loss.

SatieTrim Saffron Extract is now carried by GNC. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals often sells its formulations to diet pill companies and retailers all over the US and worldwide, so this is not surprising.

What does SatieTrim Saffron Extract do? It combats the number one enemy with dieters–appetite.

But that’s not all. SatieTrim Saffron Extract provides other proven benefits to help you shed weight fast.

SatieTrim Saffron Extract’s Ingredients

SatieTrim Saffron Extract uses a patented blend containing “3 times more Saffron” than any competitors in the industry. Yes—the heart of SatieTrim Saffron Extract’s formula is Saffron.

How does Saffron work? The essential element in Saffron issafranal, which seems to trigger a hormone responsible for mood and appetite. What is this hormone? Serotonin.

Serotonin is well-known for its ability to create a feeling of joy and happiness—motivating dieters to stick to their eating and workout regimes, and to enjoy the journey!

This isn’t all Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals discovered about Serotonin, however. It seems this amazing all-natural hormone also works on the area of your brain that causes “compulsive behaviors”. That’s right—Serotonin can make you feel relaxed, happy and in control of mindless eating!

SatieTrim Saffron Extract Pluses

A form of Saffron from a competitor (SatieReal) worked excellently on overweight women during an 8-week study. These women were administered one capsule—or 176.5 mgs of SatieReal a day, and kept food logs. They were not restricted with their diet.

Compared to placebo, the SatieReal-administered test subjects lost “a significant and comparable amount of weight.”

GNC is an excellent retailer to purchase from, and offers a “no hassle” guarantee. Simply return SatieTrim Saffron Extract in its original packaging with the receipt, if it doesn’t work for you!

SatieTrim Saffron Extract is completely safe and addresses the real source of over-eating—“emotions.”

The SatieTrim Saffron Extract Minuses

Ingredient information for SatieTrim Saffron Extract cannot be found anywhere on the web—not even on the GNC website.

And there is a total lack of consumer testimonials online for SatieTrim Saffron Extract. If you’ve used it, please leave your opinion below.

SatieTrim Saffron Extract Conclusion

Without knowing the ingredients in SatieTrim Saffron Extract’s formula, it’s really hard for us to recommend this product. We love the idea behind it, and that SatieTrim Saffron Extract is positively effecting mood and the issue behind over-eating, and not simply “stuffing” your stomach, and “tucking” your appetite problem away.

“Buy it and try it”— at GNC—and use the refund policy if you have to!

Good luck!

SatieTrim Saffron Extract Customer Reviews

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DeAnna Dearwester Says:

I have used this product and I absolutely love it! I have lost 8 pounds in just a short amount of time. I still eat, I just don’t eat as much. I get fuller quicker, and I definitely no longer overeat! This is an awesome product and I will continue to use it!

January 3, 2017 at 9:34 am

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