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Kimberly Tenner
December 2, 2019

Scifit Hoodia 1500 EX Review

Scifit Hoodia 1500 EX

It almost sounds like science fiction, some magical little ingredient that tells your brain that you are full, and yet we’ve never heard of it previous to a few years ago, because the South African bushmen kept it to themselves. Yet now, it has become all the rage in the diet industry, leading to products like Scifit Hoodia 1500 EX that promise the best appetite suppressing benefits you could possibly expect from any product really. Numbers are typically attached to indicate the doses or the number of pills or something like that, in this case 1500mg of hoodia, which would generally be enough, assuming the ingredient is clinically proven.

So let’s imagine for a moment that hoodia is clinically proven, what does this mean for you? Do you get powerful appetite suppressing results? With 1500mg, we wouldn’t doubt it. Glucomannan for example requires only 1000mg and yet most companies never use it. The fact that Scifit Hoodia 1500 EX uses 1500mg means that Scifit Hoodia 1500 EX has the right idea in at least one way.

Does Hoodia Work?

This part we’re not so sure about. Hoodia has been through multiple studies, and the animal studies have been quite positive. However, the human studies seem to be on significantly shakier ground. We have yet to find one human based clinical study that shows any clinically proven weight loss results. It isn’t horribly surprising, we have seen it happen before. Animals’ bodies are just not the same as ours.

This does not mean that there is no chance, maybe scientists just need to isolate the right component or maybe they aren’t using the amounts that they need to produce results. We’ve seen ingredients like Korean pine nut oil or CLA that require as much a 3000mg to 4500mg in a single dose to be effective. It seems like a lot, and again most products will never use that much, but 1500mg is a start.

Is Scifit Hoodia 1500 EX Safe?

Scifit Hoodia 1500 EX uses 2 ingredients, both of which seem to be fairly safe in the grand scheme of things. It does not have any stimulants, and it doesn’t cause any other side effects, at least that we know of.

Summary of Scifit Hoodia 1500 EX

So far, it seems to us like Scifit Hoodia 1500 EX is at least safe. We have seen that there are still quite a few believers in hoodia, whether it is actually proven right now or not. So far, it seems that Scifit Hoodia 1500 EX might promote results in the future, but a lot of things about Scifit Hoodia 1500 EX remain to be seen.

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