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Kimberly Tenner
December 4, 2019

Sensa Slims Review

Sensa Slims

Sensa Slims are advertised as the next big thing in the weight loss industry.

These convenient, on-the-go packets that can fit easily into a purse or pocket, putting you in charge of your weight loss results.

Supposedly Sensa Slims trick your brain into feeling fuller for longer periods of time, making it easier to cut back on calories throughout the day and nail that diet, but do they actually work?

Keep reading to find out!

What are the Benefits of Sensa Slims?

One of the benefits of using Sensa or Sensa Slims is that you will have the benefit of using a product that was created by a world-renowned sensory system specialist.

Because of this, users can hope that the same attention to detail that Dr. Hirsch clearly exercises in his field was dedicated to Sensa.

Another benefit is that Sensa and Sensa Slims does not require any change to the foods that you love eating. If you love cookies, and brownies or pasta and mashed potatoes, you don’t need to worry about sacrificing all of your favorite foods.

In addition to these, Sensa and Sensa Slims is very easy to use. You don’t need to take it and then wait or plan when you will use it throughout the day. Instead, all you need to do is sprinkle it on everything that you eat.

Specifically, the benefit of Sensa Slims as opposed to Sensa is that you can use it on the go. They have the same formula, but different packaging so that you don’t need to worry about stares when you use it.

What’s in Sensa Slims?

There are only 3 ingredients listed on the Sensa website: Maltodextrin, Tricalcium Phosphate, and Silica.

Since Sensa works exclusively with the brain, however, we are not clear about how each ingredient functions in the Sensa formula.

Unfortunately, this means that most people who are looking for a diet system will not understand how Sensa works, either.

From what we can see, these individual ingredients are not related to weight loss at all.

Side Effects

From examining the ingredients, there is a chance that you may have a reaction to the Tricalcium Phosphate. There is a small chance that those who use this ingredient will experience nausea and vomiting.

Interestingly, this is the most common side effect that Sensa users complain of. So if you have a low tolerance for strong ingredients, it might be best to avoid using Sensa.


Sensa Slims cost a reasonable $19.95. When considering that they are an addition to your purchase of the original Sensa Weight Loss System, however, it seems less reasonable.

If you have been using Sensa and have seen results but would like for it to be easier to use when you eat away from home, Sensa Slims might be a good choice for you.

However, if you are looking for a diet product and are not using Sensa, Sensa Slims are not for you.

Is it Worth it?

Unfortunately, we can’t give a full recommendation to Sensa or Sensa Slims because it is unclear how it works. While I do believe that it has the potential to be effective, this is not known for sure.

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