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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

Sesathin Review


They don’t provide a label or full ingredients list. But apparently, the only ingredient in Sesathin is sesame oil or sesamin. Maybe they thought that because sesame oil is largely used in Asian cultures cooking, or at least in American Asian cooking, that everybody would assume that it must have amazing weight loss benefits. That’s really the only logic we could think of, because there are no studies or otherwise serious suggestions that sesame oil would possess antioxidant, weight loss, muscle promoting, or any other properties that have to do with weight loss or metabolic syndrome for that matter.

Overall Impression of Sesathin:

On the upside, there are really no side effects to Sesathin. It is completely stimulant free. But that’s really the only benefit to it. It has no weight loss properties whatsoever. It doesn’t even have the benefit of omega-3, which would at least benefit the heart. I really have to wonder if their logic was that they thought the Chinese used it or something. I can’t find any other reason that they would actually think that sesame oil would promote weight loss, or maybe they know it doesn’t.

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