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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

Skinny Tone Review

Skinny Tone

Even skinny people aren’t safe from this nemesis. It creeps up—usually in areas you can’t easily see, like the backs of thighs, calves and arms. And it strikes fear into even the most stalwart and non-superficial heart.

Yep. I’m talking cellulite. Cellulite is adipose tissue gone wild. It leaves a trail of cottage cheesy skin in its wake. Exercising helps. But you really need a solution that evens out the hail damage. (Like a steam roller—only less painful.)

Skinny Tone is a topical cream that believes it can firm, tone, smooth and moisturize your problem skin.

Me? Well, I’m a skeptic of most things topical for the skin. Unless the ingredients are proven to sink below the epidermis to where it really counts, they’re basically useless.

Can Skinny Tone really deliver? The answer will be in the ingredients. Let’s look at ‘em…

What’s in Skinny Tone?

Skinny Tone contains the following ingredients:

Liporeductyl— according to Mission Products, the makers of Skinny Tone, this ingredient has been scientifically proven to reduce the size of adipose cells. Smaller cells are obviously less visible under the skin. Unfortunately no “scientific evidence” is given on the official site.
Caffeine–Caffeine does offer a temporary fix to cellulite. It works by reducing swelling around your fat cells so they’re smoothed out. I’ve actually found rubbing warm coffee grounds into my cellulite works. Well, for a night out anyway.
Butcher’s Broom Extract— an anti-inflammatory herb.
TEA-Hydroiodide— allegedly breaks down fat.
L-Carnitine–usually found in diet pills, L-Carnitine is marketed as a fat burner. However there is no clinical proof it does anything of the sort.
Goji Berry, Acai Berry, and Pomegranate– antioxidants for healthy skin.
Vitamins A, B6 and C–vitamins to detoxify and heal skin.

I hate to say it, but Skinny Tone isn’t offering much here. Liporeductyl is an as yet unproven ingredient, and the others have no scientific backing either. The only benefit I can really see is caffeine.

(And you’d probably be better off applying coffee grounds directly to the skin in my opinion.)

Is Skinny Tone safe?

Absolutely. Skinny Tone is paraben-free and gentle. As a precaution you may want to apply to a small area to see if you do receive a negative reaction—before slathering on all over!

Is there a money back guarantee?

No, so buy as cheaply as possible. Skinny Tone is $14.99 on the official site. Don’t go that route! Other online sites sell for $6.99.

Is Skinny Tone worth purchasing?

Skinny Tone may offer benefits to your skin—moisturizing and improving texture, but I don’t believe it’s going to eradicate your cellulite.

You’re better off dusting off your athletic shoes and eating healthily. And don’t forget a clinically proven diet pill to help you with your weight loss goals. You can find our favorites here.

And don’t worry—even Cindy Crawford doesn’t look like Cindy Crawford. There’s no such thing as perfection.

And who wants to be perfect anyway?

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