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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

SlimKick Chilli Slimming Pills Review

SlimKick Chilli Slimming Pills

How many years have you agonized over your weight? For most people, women especially, weight is always something that we think about and it has been that way since we were teenagers. And ever since you felt like this I bet you also thought about how if you could just lose those lbs you would finally be happy.

This attitude is what many diet pill manufacturers prey on. Most diet pills do not work and still make tons of money just because of their skills in advertising. It is not a bad thing to need help in your weight loss efforts; you just have to make sure you are not taken for a ride.

SlimKick Chilli Slimming Pills claim to be a legitimate diet pill that will help your body burn fat by increasing your metabolism. The diet pill also offers appetite suppression and a boost to your energy levels. Keep reading to find out if SlimKick Chilli Slimming Pills will help you to lose weight or just your money.

How does x work?

SlimKick Chilli Slimming Pills main ingredient is the Capsicum hot pepper. This pepper is much too hot for consumption as it can cause real harm to your esophagus. It is known to increase your metabolism by increasing the temperature inside you body. This effectively helps to burn more calories and more efficiently process your food for energy.

The only other ingredient that I could find that is in the SlimKick Chilli Slimming Pills formula is Green Tea extract. Green Tea is an effective metabolism booster and contains beneficial antioxidants. The antioxidants in Green Tea can help to fight signs of aging and also help to ward off degenerative diseases like cancer.

Green Tea also contains natural caffeine which will give you an energy boost. This caffeine can also help to suppress your appetite.

Capsicum and Green Tea are both great diet pill ingredients that are known to give weight loss benefits. However, they must be in the right dosages. Not only does SlimKick Chilli Slimming Pills not give us the ingredient amounts, but they also do not tell us all of the ingredients.


SlimKick Chilli Slimming Pills has two proven ingredients that are known to boost your metabolism and energy levels. SlimKick Chilli Slimming Pills also advertises a 30 day money back guarantee.


Each of the pros come with cons. The ingredients are quality diet pill components but we do not know the dosages and therefore can not conclude if either will do you any good. We also do not know the full list of ingredients.

The advertised 30 day money back guarantee is for unopened packages only. This is a common trick that leads the customer to think they are going to get to try the diet pill risk free.

Our Thoughts

SlimKick Chilli Slimming Pills is sold in the UK and cost £39.95. We don’t know the full list of ingredients and there is no money back guarantee. Don’t waste your money on this phony diet pill.

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