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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

Sureslim Review


Sureslim’s marketing is positive. They don’t advertise a one size fits all solution, nor do they promise results without diet and exercise. In fact, their program is based on proper diet and exercise. They recognize not everybody is going to be successful in sticking to a low carb diet for example, nor is everybody going to lose the same amount of weight that way. But for some, it is exactly what their body needs. They advertise themselves as a lifestyle change, which is needed to maintain positive results in any weight loss program.

Sureslim is sure to hype the consumer up when they think about a program tailored just for them. But in reality, the blood test alone comes with an $800 price tag. They also don’t provide any recommendations on supplements. Some of us are disciplined. But most of us have foods that we know are unhealthy, but we love anyway, such as chocolate or pie or fatty foods. As such, most us need a little extra help in conquering those cravings, which Sureslim does not provide.

So what about the customer testimonials? What do real live Sureslim users think? In searching the net, I found quite a few reviews from not so satisfied customers. Some simply complained about the price and results, others complained just about the lack of results, and some complained about more severe problems such as a woman complaining of knee pain since starting Sureslim and a man who claims his hair started falling out in clumps shortly after starting Sureslim.

Overall Impression of Sureslim:

While Sureslim advertises a program that will fit everyone, because it gives different approaches to different people, it seems too good to be true. And as often happens with things that seem to good to be true, they are too good to be true. While some of their plans may be great for certain individuals, others get a plan that is unbalanced and unhealthy, as evidenced by the fact that a man had clumps of hair falling out. I would suggest looking into affordable supplements to aid a healthy diet and exercise plan rather than using this farce.

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