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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

T2 Xtreme Review

T2 Xtreme

T2 Xtreme is a weight loss supplement that is marketed by SAN as a weight loss answer for body builders.

SAN describes T2 Xtreme as a supplement of the “fat burning category in the bodybuilding world which was previously unthinkable outside of dangerous and illegal prescription drugs.”

To specify further, they advertise T2 Xtreme as a way to end “your never ending quest for cellophane-thin skin.”

Although we’re not sure how many people T2 Xtreme is really marketing themselves to, we decided to see what T2 Xtreme has to offer the average weight loss consumer.

What Does T2 Xtreme Do?

According to its manufacturer, T2 Xtreme is designed to help boost your metabolism by increasing the amount of thyroid stimulating hormone you have in your body.

This hormone, thyroxine, is a comopound that is essential to the process of lipolysis, or the breakdown of fat. Those who have thyroid deficiencies often receive injections of thyroxine and see an almost immediate weight loss.

Unfortunately, after looking at T2 Xtreme’s ingredients, we saw that it doesn’t supply you with a direct supply of the hormone. Instead, they include a chemical derived from animal livers that is supposed to stimulate the production of thyroxine within your body.

This chemical has not been proven or disproven in any clinical studies to actually be able to increase the amount of thyroxine within your body. But from what we could tell by reading the consumer reviews, T2 Xtreme doesn’t produce incredible results.

In fact, the only commonality of results was that an alarming number of past consumers of T2 Xtreme felt extremely lethargic while they were using this product.

Should I Try T2 Xtreme?

Even though lethargy, or fatigue, isn’t the worst side effect we’ve seen from diet pills, we still don’t think that being tired all of the time can be good for your dieting or exercise regime.

In addition to this, stimulating the production of thyroxine has been shown to slow the body’s natural production of the hormone. This means that any weight loss you do see will taper off and eventually diminish.

All in all, we don’t think that T2 Xtreme is a weight loss supplement that is worth your time or money.

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