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Kimberly Tenner
November 30, 2019

The Baby Food Diet Review

We have all heard the rumors of Jennifer Anniston and her baby food dieting tactics and have found ourselves just a little intrigued, who wouldn’t want a bod like hers? Not familiar with these rumors, well let us fill you in.

The Baby Food Diet was reportedly created by the trainer to the stars, Tracy Anderson. There are slight variations of the system as it has not yet been adapted into a formal diet program. The basic idea however is that you eat 14 servings of pureed baby food and one sensible meal each day.

Many simply substitute a jar for a unhealthy calorie high snack each day while others go on a full blown baby food cleanse. Let’s now take a closer look inside the facts and figures behind this diet to find out whether or not it’s the right one for you.

Convenience And Use

As far as convenience goes, this diet has it all. The thing is, more often than not we make our bad diet choices while at work or on lunch break because we don’t have any healthy options at our disposal. That all changes with The Baby Food Diet as a jar or baby food is completely mobile and doesn’t require any fuss like reheating or clean up.

The only downfall to this convenience being the embarrassment factor that comes along with it. Consider the looks you would get when you pull out a jar of baby food and begin slurping up green goop. Chances are this will lead to a few head turns and a whole slew of questions that, when most of us are dieting, we want to avoid.

Nutritional Value Of The Baby Food Diet

We will give this diet props when it comes to nutrition as it does seem to have a lot to offer in terms of health. For once, baby food doesn’t contain any of the harsh fillers adult choices do, it’s natural and consists largely of healthy fruits and vegetables. Not to mention the whole slew of vitamins and minerals that are included in each formula, it’s everything you could need to sustain a human being, all in a portion sensible jar.

However, buying enough baby food to sustain an adult can add up to be pretty costly. Especially when you consider the fact that you incorporate the same natural fruits and vegetables into your daily routine for a lot less by preparing them yourself and monitoring your intake on your own.

Should You Choose The Baby Food Diet As You Weight Loss Program?

While we can see some worth in supplementing a jar of baby food in replacement of an unhealthy snack, the diet overall doesn’t seem to be that realistic of a choice. The deciding factor for us is that it isn’t necessarily a lifestyle choice you will want to keep up on and you will most likely find yourself yo-yo dieting in turn. We recommend you consider a more long term choice.

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