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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

The Flat Belly Solution Review

The Flat Belly Solution

The Flat Belly Solution is a weight loss book, written by Isabel De Los Rios that is supposed to be able to help you understand your unique metabolism and respond to its individual needs.

Although we believe that everyone does indeed have a unique way of processing and storing food, we’re skeptical that this book can help us really understand our metabolisms enough to help us lose weight.

We decided to research De Los Rios’ methods for weight loss to see if they had any academic standing, or if this is just another amateur dietitian trying to make some extra money.

What Does the Flat Belly Solution Do?

This book is centered on the principle that by finding your “metabolic type” you will then be able to know which foods and workouts help you lose weight.

Even though it is definitely true that some people lose weight on low-carb diets while others gain weight, we have a hard time believing that this book can help reveal what will and what won’t help each person lose weight.

Does It Work?

The theory of “metabolic typing” is not a new one, and has actually been around for the better part of a century.

It was originally formulated by William Donald Kelley, a dentist during the 1960s. Kelley claimed that he could “diagnose” people with obscure diseases and conditions by simply looking at their skin, eyes, and hair.

He even diagnosed a patient with lung cancer after taking a finger stick blood test. It was not too long after his methods were publicized that Kelley was unveiled as a fraud and was convicted for practicing medicine without a license.

Despite the fact that Kelley was behind bars, his ideas continued to fade in and out of popular culture. Even though the tests for metabolic typing have gotten more and more scientific, now involving blood and urine samples, they have still remained inconsistent and unreliable.

Our Opinion:

Because metabolic typing, the theory on which Isabel De Los Rios centers her entire book around, has been proven to be a fraud of a science, we can’t recommend the Flat Belly Solution.

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