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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

Thermadril Review


Where do we start…….where are the Thermadril ingredients? Really, key ingredients, fillers, they don’t disclose even one measly ingredient! We don’t think we’re asking for much. After all, if you don’t know what’s in a diet pill, how do you know whether or not it will work? We certainly don’t.

All We Ask

We look for ingredients like creatine, guggulsterones, maybe a little l-arginine or a few other amino acids. We have relatively high expectations. But please, give us some kind of sign that you might fulfill this basic requirement! Even creatine, as common as it definitely is, would indicate that a company may have actually conducted a little bit of research.


Here’s how it ends. Would you trust the greasy car salesman down the street to give you a killer deal? If you read consumer complaints about car salesmen, it seems like everybody knows better. They’re trying to sell their product, whatever the cost to you. In a perfect world, we would be able to leave our doors unlocked and even open all day long, buy from a car salesman, and buy a diet pill without worrying about it. In a perfect world, they would tell us the truth every time.

But if you believe that the world is anything like this, we can safely bet that your bank account is empty, you have had more than one break in, and you have probably been cheated by the “long lost grandson” who needs your money to bring a ship to port.

Realistically, the aim of any diet pill company, big or small, is to make money. If that means cheating you, using the wrong ingredients, using small concentrations, or replacing active ingredients with fillers, they’ll do it. There are companies that do give you a great value. But they take steps to prove that they are that company! They lay it all out there naming ingredients, amounts, clinical studies, everything! They are not afraid to bear all. Thermadril is not this kind of product.

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