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Kimberly Tenner
November 30, 2019

Thermal XTC Review

Thermal XTC

Thermal XTC knows people have too many choices in diet and weight loss supplements. To stand out in this crowd, Thermal XTC proclaims itself as “the future of fat loss.”

I don’t immediately trust any product that declares itself the cutting edge. Thermal XTC needs further inspection before it can be crowned the future of fat loss.

What Does Thermal XTC Promise?

Thermal XTC’s website uses a lot of inflated language to describe the effects of its product. I narrowed this down to three major promises of using Thermal XTC.

• Weight loss: Thermal XTC stimulates fat burning and reduces storage of additional fat.
• Energy: Thermal XTC increases energy, especially for pushing past workout limits.
• Mood boost: Thermal XTC helps the mind focus and feel euphoric.

Very few weight loss supplements promise results in all three of these areas. If Thermal XTC delivers these results, that would set it apart from many other products.

What Ingredients Does Thermal XTC Use?

But to get those results, Thermal XTC needs state-of-the-art ingredients with proven methods for burning fat and boosting mood and energy. Let’s see if Thermal XTC’s ingredients fit this description.

Gamma-butyrobetaine amplifies the body’s production of L-carnitine, a molecule made from two amino acids. Carnitine allows long fatty acid chains to metabolize into energy, so it is a fat-burning molecule. But weight loss studies of gamma-butyrobetaine and L-carnitine produce mixed results. [1]

African Wild Mango Extract
African mango extract is gaining popularity as a weight loss aid. Several methods are attributed with giving African mango extract potency. African mango’s antioxidants might remove toxins from the body, improving overall metabolism. The fiber in African mango might lower cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar. But the exact effects of African mango are still unclear.

Wild Nutmeg Extract
Nutmeg is a good source of the mineral manganese, a catalyst for fat metabolism. Since extracting probably removes some of this manganese, fat burning is not its primary function in Thermal XTC. Rather, nutmeg extract is included because of its traditional use as a stress reliever and mood booster.

Evodiamine acts as a stimulant and a thermogenic, meaning it increases energy and body heat. Studies performed on rats indicate it may decrease fat accumulation, but human studies have yet to verify this effect.

Because tyrosine converts to dopamine and norepinephrine, tyrosine supplements should boost alertness, increase heart rate, and stimulate blood flow to muscles. Not knowing the amount of tyrosine in Thermal XTC makes it impossible to determine how much it increases hormone production.

Geranium Maculatum
According to the Thermal XTC product description, geranium maculatum enhances central nervous system activity, especially the production of fat-burning hormones norepinephrine and epinephrine. Unfortunately, Thermal XTC cites no sources proving these effects.

The primary benefit of guggulsterone listed on the Thermal XTC website is its ability to stimulate thyroid function. Thyroid contributes to weight, so a healthy thyroid should improve weight loss. The science linking guggulsterone to thyroid function is not definitive. Anyone with known thyroid issues should consult a doctor before taking guggulsterone.

Dicaffeine Malate
This ingredient is a combination of two substances: caffeine and malic acid. Caffeine works as a stimulant to increase energy and possibly burn fat. The malic acid in this compound allegedly lowers the caffeine’s potential for causing nausea.

Green Tea Extract
Green tea extract has many alleged health benefits, including enhancing weight loss. Insufficient evidence exists to prove green tea significantly affects body composition.

Red Raspberry Ketones
Raspberry ketones are a popular weight loss ingredient in Japan, and they are gaining in popularity in America. But the effect of raspberry ketones on human weight loss needs a lot more science to back up the many products featuring it.

Salacia Reticulata Extract
Salacia reticulata grows in India and Sri Lanka where people use it to treat diabetes. It might also benefit weight loss, but a lot more research is necessary.

Most of the ingredients in Thermal XTC seem targeted at weight loss, but none of these are definitively proven to help people lose weight. A few ingredients might serve dual effects, encouraging weight loss while increasing energy. But only nutmeg seems to enhance mood, and the evidence that it does this is weak.

After looking at the ingredients, I’m skeptical about Thermal XTC. Plus, all of its ingredients are listed as a combined energy complex. Not knowing the dose of each ingredient makes it impossible to judge their effectiveness.

How Should Thermal XTC Be Used?

Thermal XTC comes in tablet form. The product label strongly suggests taking only one tablet on the first day to test your body’s tolerance.

Depending on your daily activity level, use of Thermal XTC varies. On days when you work out, take 1 or 2 tablets 30 to 45 minutes before exercising with a full glass of water. On days when you do not plan to exercise, take one pill when you wake up and another just before lunch, each with a glass of water.

Thermal XTC is for adults only. Taking Thermal XTC without food may cause nausea. Anyone with a medical condition should consult a physician before using it. The product works best combined with diet and exercise.

How Much Does Thermal XTC Cost?

I found only two retailers selling Thermal XTC. Its manufacturer sells it at There, a 60-tablet box costs $58.95., however, sells the same box for $34.99.

Is Thermal XTC Really the Future of Weight Loss?

Probably not. Thermal XTC uses ingredients similar to lots of current weight loss pills, but provides no proof that its combination is better than its competitors’. For now, the future of weight loss lies in diet, exercise, and trusted weight loss products.


[1] Advanced Orthomolecular Research. “AOR PreCar – L-carnitine – Gamma-butyrobetaine (GBB).” VitaminPost. 2005. Available from:

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