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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

Thermocerin Review


Thermocerin contains some quality ingredients such as white tea, green tea, and caffeine.They also have a section devoted to clinical studies and a number of testimonials posted on their website.

Unfortunately, all the supposed “research” and “testimonials” provided by Thermocerin mean squat.It is a common action these days for companies in the diet industry to make up testimonials.Some of them even go so far as to steal testimonials from other distributor’s websites.So I don’t find those found only on the distributor’s website to be particularly credible.Second, their clinical studies are not based on the complete Thermocerin formula.They are based on one or two ingredients said to be in the mix.Third, they offer a “free trial offer” which is the mark of a fraudulent company these days.It means not only are they vastly overcharging you, but they are roping you into a free trial offer you will only know about if you bother to read the fine print at the bottom of the page.These autoship programs are difficult to cancel, and the products are generally speaking worthless.And they use a 255mg proprietary blend that is supposed to contain a descent amount of a number of ingredients.Do the math, there is no way for that small of a blend to contain a descent amount of any one ingredient in the mix.So what about the company, what proof do we have besides the fact that they use a free trial offer to say they are a fraudulent enterprise?Some of their other products you may recognize include Lipocerin, Certiphene, and Phenocerin.If you have read some of those reviews, you may recall the fact that they used exactly the same website and just changed the product name for Lipocerin and Phenocerin.They even used some extremely similar testimonials.The ingredient list and all of the marketing is pretty much exactly the same, meaning in short they are the same exact product marketed for the purpose of attempting to double dip.It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to find out that Thermocerin was again the exact same product.

Overall Impression of Thermocerin:

Thermocerin provides a nice front for their product, but nothing else.The company has a bad history, and they don’t help that history when they try to bait consumers with a “free trial offer” and lofty and extremely false claims.They emphasize the fact that they don’t use ma huang or ephedra, but neither does anybody else really!It was banned!This product is laughable, but I wouldn’t buy it even for entertainment.

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