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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

ThermoRaz Review


Promising to help burn fat, increase energy, and suppress appetite, ThermoRaz seems to be standard fare when it comes to diet pills.
However, it has been generating quite a bit of buzz lately, so I decided to find out why.

To determine if ThermoRaz lived up to all the hype, I looked into the pill’s formula, its side effects, ordering information, and the manufacturers’ reputation.

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ThermoRaz Manufacturers

Before we even begin, we should talk about where ThermoRaz comes from. Unfortunately, there seem to be a few skeletons in this company’s closet.
ThermoRaz is produced and distributed by the Global Health Initiative (GHI), a company based in Largo, Florida. Once an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau, Global Health Initiative now has an F rating.

According to the BBB, Global Health Initiative made claims that Dr. Oz called ThermoRaz and other GHI products “a miracle in a bottle.” However, when the BBB asked Global Health Initiative for documentation that Dr. Oz had granted his permission to use his name in promoting their products, GHI ignored the requests.

I also found that GHI has had 17 complaints filed against them in the last 3 years, most of which related to advertising and product issues. According to these complaints, products didn’t work and the company was difficult to deal with. One complaint stated that GHI plagued a customer with phone calls 10 to 20 times a day.

“The company calls me at least 10 to 20 times a day. I answer the phone and they hang up on me. Then when I call them back they a recording comes on saying they are busy and will be with me in a minute but being on hold for 20 minutes listening to the recording was bad because they are calling a cell phone. I do not own a house phone.”

Knowing this, I would exercise caution in doing business with GHI. Unfortunately, because you have to disclose personal information to the company before you can even view pricing on their website, it may be difficult to avoid these issues.

ThermoRaz Ingredients

Now let’s look at ThermoRaz as a weight loss formula.

ThermoRaz contains seven ingredients, but for now I’m going to go over the ingredients that make it unique. These are ingredients I haven’t seen too often in diet pills, so they really stand out.

Raspberry Ketone

The namesake for ThermoRaz, raspberry ketone is an enzyme derived from red raspberries that burns fat.

Garcinia Cambogia

This fruit contains a natural form of hydroxycitric acid, an acid able to prevent carbohydrates from converting into fat. Garcinia cambogia also suppresses appetite.

Lotus Leaf

Otherwise known as water lily, lotus leaf also blocks fat. Because it is a cleanser, it can also flush out the toxins in your body that may cause weight gain.

Geranium Oil Extract

Extract from this flowering plant reduces fat mass, triggers weight loss, and stimulates the central nervous system. This burns fat by raising the body’s core temperature.

ThermoRaz also contains green tea, glucomannan, and l-carnitine, which together burn fat and suppress appetite. Unfortunately, all these ingredients are included in a proprietary blend, which means we don’t know exact ingredient amounts. That makes it impossible to tell if ThermoRaz will work.

ThermoRaz Side Effects

As both a fat burner and a fat blocker, ThermoRaz is bound to come with side effects.

Because ThermoRaz contains green tea, you may experience anxiety, nausea, and jittery feelings. However, because ThermoRaz uses a proprietary blend, I can’t tell if these side effects are likely to occur because I don’t know how much green tea is included.

As for fat-blocking ingredients like garcinia cambogia and lotus leaf, these can cause intestinal irregularities. Specifically, garcinia has been linked to nausea and digestive tract discomfort, while lotus leaf can cause diarrhea.

There’s also a possibility these fat blockers can cause unexpected bowel movements or anal leakage—common side effects of other fat-blocking diet pills.

To minimize these effects, I would suggest starting with a small dose of ThermoRaz, drinking a lot of water, and staying near a bathroom during the first few days.

Ordering ThermoRaz

As I mentioned earlier, the ThermoRaz website requires you to jump through a few hoops before you even decide to order.

To view pricing, for example, you’ve got to submit your name, phone number, address, and other personal information to GHI. I dislike this business practice because it makes it difficult for potential customers to make educated decisions about a product.

However, I submitted my contact details so that I could pass pricing information on to you. Here’s what I found out: One bottle of ThermoRaz retails for $49.99, and you can save money by buying in bulk.

This is a pretty average cost for a diet pill, perhaps bordering on expensive. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find ThermoRaz sold at a discount on any third-party sites, so you’ll probably be stuck paying full price. Not to mention the fact that you’ll be at the mercy of GHI’s phone calls and promotional emails.

If you do decide to order this product, I’d recommend using a false phone number or a junk email address if you don’t want to be bothered in the future.

The Verdict on ThermoRaz

Even if ThermoRaz didn’t use a proprietary blend, I probably wouldn’t recommend it. Dishonest business practices and inconvenient order procedures are sometimes enough to make me reject a diet pill, and that’s definitely the case with ThermoRaz.

Instead, keep in mind that a few of ThermoRaz’s ingredients have real weight loss potential and try to locate them in another diet pill—preferably one that discloses ingredient amounts and doesn’t make you jump through hoops to order.

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