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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

Thermoshred Review


Thermoshred uses blends of niacin, vitamin B6, thiamin, green tea, caffeine, oolong tea, white tea, guarana, yerba mate, dandelion extract, juniper extract, parsley extract, xanthinol nicotinate, cayenne extract, n-acetyl-tyrosine, quercitin dehydrate, and gymnostemma pentathyllum extract. They are right about one thing, this formula is only for short term use if any use at all. It uses high amounts of caffeine sure to cause side effects, and a great deal of the ingredients are diuretics, which can only sustain so much weight loss without stopping or doing more harm than good.


Thermoshred is not safe to take if:

  • You have a pre-existing medical condition such as heart disease
  • You have a family history of medical conditions such as heart disease
  • You have caffeine sensitivities
  • You have high blood pressure
  • You have a liver condition
  • You are using an MAO Inhibitor
  • You suffer from glaucoma

Possible Side Effects

  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhea
  • Irregular heart beat
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Loss of appetite

Overall Impression of Thermoshred:

Most websites have discontinued Thermoshred. Evitamins still sells it, but we’re not sure why. We assume it is meant to actually target the general population with claims of powerful and extreme results. But it may just scare most people off, despite the fact that the reason the formula is detrimental is because of ingredients that can cause side effects and significant water weight, but not fat loss. Thermoshred is really not an appropriate supplement for anything, including competition.

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