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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

Tokkyo Cutting Gel Review

Tokkyo Cutting Gel

Tokkyo Cutting Gel does not actually provide a list of ingredients. Therefore, we have no idea what is in there, what is not in there, and what quantities they may have used of certain ingredients. This means they could well use dangerous ingredients like ephedra, or they could just use a bunch of fillers, and you wouldn’t know the difference simply looking at the information provided.

Overall Impression of Tokkyo Cutting Gel:

Ingredients are unknown, so possible side effects or weight loss results are unknown. Companies generally do this, because they have nothing to show off. There are some companies with these same attributes that proudly display their ingredients amazingly enough. But the fact that Tokkyo Cutting Gel does not is disconcerting. A number of companies have disappeared from the market, because they were using undisclosed prescription medications. There is also a chance Tokkyo Cutting Gel is one of these. We would not suggest using it.

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